Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Morning - Katie Melua - The flood and Red balloons

Morning everybody! In the morning it's sometimes nice to listen something very sloow music. For me if something doesn't work in the morning or goes wrong I have then half of the day the same "stood up with the wrong feet" -feeling.

Found a beautiful live version of Katie Melua's song "The flood". This song has a very beautiful piano! And I almost few times fell asleep listening to "Red balloons". Listen also the album version of "Red Balloons".

Katie Melua - "The Flood + Red Balloons"

Part of the beautiful lyrics from "The Flood".

"Broken people get recycled
and I hope that I will sometimes be thrown off the pathways
what I thought was my way home
wasn't the place I know
No, I'm not afraid of changing,
Certain, nothing's certain
what we own becomes our prison
my possessions will be gone
back to where they came from"

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