Sunday, February 26, 2012

Electric oldies

I spent half of the day listening some very old electronic, new wave, synth pop and some disco songs. Most of the songs I found trough this compilation: TREVOR JACKSON presents METAL DANCE Industrial / Post-Punk / EBM : Classics & Rarities '80 - '88. I want to open the post with one of the nicest electro songs I found today! It should be listened loud. This song was released 1988 by Target Records in Belgium.

Neon - "Voices"

The next song was released 1981 on the label Arista.

Pete Shelley - "Witness the change"

This next song was released 1986 on Dead Man's Curve label. The band was formed already 1980. You can  check their myspace page here:

Portion control - "The grate divide"

Know those songs what they use in aerobic competitions with too many sound effects and thunder? This song I couldn't listen yet in one time trough. I would get hyper in my head. I would need to play it in a dance hall and then it would work. This song was released 1984.

Secession - "Touch (part 4)"

This song sounds exactly like one of those theme tunes for some soap opera or for a German detective series. Or maybe even for Baywatch with a very strange twitch. Limit was released 1984. Check TheItalodancers channel if you like this one.

True colors - "Limit (Extended version)"

Check also the band Hudson Mohawke if you like synth dance songs with a strange touch. They have released some albums on WARP. The newest one is "Satin panthers" (2011), "Polyfolk dance" (2009) and "Butter" (2009) and this is only some of them.

Hudson Mohawke - "All your love"

DAF was founded 1978 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

D.A.F. - "Brothers"

And a bit something newer. Bobby Champs. Check his soundcloud account here: or follow him at facebook: and check the other songs at Bleep:

Bobby Champs - "Lucid"

Bobby Champs - "Moonlight"

I want to end the post with Modern Talking hit. Fun video. The hair.

Modern Talking - "You're my love, you're my soul"

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