Monday, February 20, 2012

Russian Red

Russian Red is the artist name of Lourdes Hernández. She's Spanish folk indie singer-songwriter. She took the name of her band from the lipstick color she's using: "Russian red". Russian Red has released two albums: "I love your glasses" (2008) and "Fuerteventura" (2011). Here you can find the official homepage of Russian Red:

"Cigarettes" is a beautiful opening song of the "I love your glasses album".

Russian Red - "Cigarettes"

"Gone, play on" has very beautiful guitar and vocals. It's a captivating song.

"This never ending song is scratching, scratching my brain like a vinyl in desire
this never ending thought is coming and is gone
its traveling on a plane on my way.

And in a highway too, as if I speak for you and I say
that you did those things I did in the past, its true in a truck I do
keep your stuff in my pocket,
just like I did with the days we flew.

This never ending song is coming and is gone
its traveling on a plane on my way.

Gone, play on"

"Take me home" has some hawaian style. The electric guitar makes me remember somehow the steel drums. This is a perfect Sunday song.

Russian Red - "Take me home"

Russian Red has made a very beautiful cover of Cindy Laupers hit "Girls just wanna have fun".

Russian Red - "Girls just wanna have fun"

"The sun The trees" is a very nice spring, summer song!

Check also the songs: "I hate you but I love you", "Loving strangers" and well the other album "Fuerteventura" also! She has made also beautiful cover over Roy Orbison's "Crying", but the sound quality of the video is bad so didn't post it. 

Russian Red - "Loving strangers"

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