Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Simple is beautiful - Eyes are captivating

 I found one quite amazing song by Jessie Ware, UK singer-songwriter with a stunning presence! I've listened "Wildest moments" several times and every time I like it even more. It's amazing to see such a stunning presence, even though she is only turning in one spot during the whole song! It's incredibly strong to see that nowdays when mostly all the music videos are pumped full of special effects, backing dancers, colors, clothes, half naked people and explosions.

Jessie Ware captures something that many people try to do for years. She has her debut album out which is called "Devotion". She has also sung vocals for SBTRKT. Check her homepage here:    And her SoundCloud:

Jessie Ware - "Wildest moments"

The power of the eyes is just mind blowing. You have the same effect in this music video that is taken in one single shot. It's from Lykke Li. Especially in the part of 3.34 she kinda looks trough you. That feeling I get from watching the video.

Lykke Li - "Tonight"

I found about Solange Knowles last week. She's the little sister of Beyonce. I was positively surprised how different and fun music she does. Very different from her sister. This song brings summer where ever you are listening this. And I love that tailor shop in a see container and the guys posing in their suits. Her homepage you can find here:

Solange - "Losing you"

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