Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rotterdamse Rave @ PERRON 27.4

Once again about Perron, the nicest place of Rotterdam! There's going to be wicked rave party the 27.4, so buy your ticket now (10e) and be prepared! It's going to be nice people, nice atmosphere and lot of dancing! Get your tickets from here: The line up will be following (from Perron facebook):

Area 1

Dj Nonce


Karim Soliman

Martinos Tsavidis

Area 2
Denis Atmaca

Frank Visser

Justin Kuijt & Olle Beenhakker

Hilmar de Vries


L'Atelier (Deep Down)

Checked already bit trough the artists and there were some very good ones! Looking forward for Industrialyzer aka Ricardo Rodriguez from Barcelona.

Denis Atmaca sounds great too!

And more groovy stuff from Hilmar (before know also as Torre Alta)

Found a clip from DJ Nonce too! It's going to be great!

Rotterdamse Rave: Dj Nonce

Check also Dani White and Secunda! They were playing yesterday at Perron, they were great! Puur Gijs was a bit of a let down even though the set he has at SoundCloud is awesome!

Some atmosphere ans sound from the last Rotterdamse rave which was at Perron. With The Advent.

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