Sunday, October 26, 2014


Okay. I should not promise anymore anything here in this blog.. Life happened and I went to Greece for four months. Now back in Berlin. And I would like to write about some lounge music (yes-the proper muzak) because I have now 17 hours of lounge music on my laptop. Well it made people happy at the pool so it was good. Had to choose the last four months which music was to be played at the pool in one hotel. And I would like to write about sleeping concerts. And I would like to write about Greek music and Turkish music. Or about the soon to be released new album of Susanne Sundför. But I'm going to start with an artist who has made some quite kick ass remixes!

KUNGS is some 17-years old boy from France, don't know his name becase he doesn't mention it at his SoundCloud. I did stumble on this track from him and loaded the free songs via his FB-page. Check the remix of "Jammin" by Bob Marley, it will make you smile, it has such a nice summer vibe in it! I am quite sure we will hear more about this boy later!

Bob Marley - "Jammin" (KUNGS remix)

KUNGS - "Candy" feat. Jasmine Thompson

The Chancellors - "Cut Soul" (Kungs remix)

You can check rest of his stuff here:
Or get the free song downloads by liking his FB-page: KUNGS FB-page

Couple days ago I read about sleep concerts, yes you heard right. To these concerts you take your sleeping bag with you. They last trough the whole night. I have not tried it but would love to go to one. The father behind the idea is Robert Rich, a sound designer and an ambient artist from California.  He has released the respectful amount of 30 albums.  ...and as I like good ambient music I'm quite interested about this project.

Here's shortly said what a sleeping concert actually is:

"Robert Rich is an influential ambient musician and sound designer based in California, who began releasing ambient music in the 1980s. He is perhaps best known for developing the concept of “Sleep Concerts”, special events lasting throughout the night which aimed to influence REM cycle sleep with auditory stimulus. Audiences usually slept through the events in sleeping bags, listening to music in affected states of consciousness, waking up to a piano solo and tea served by Rich. His 7-hour album “Somnium” was released in 2001, attempting to recreate the sleep concert environment."

Roberts homepage:

Here is the full version of "Somnium" I have not yet listened it trough, but it is very calming.
Gute Nacht!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

No more...laptop problems!

I'm done, I have a new laptop so no I will be able to write posts more often! The new album "I never learn" from Lykke Li is out. Have listen it several times already, will write later a review about it. I think somehow I was waiting little bit more from her but it's nice to notice that her music and songs are somehow more mature now.

Thavius Beck (photo from:

The last finding is Thavius Beck, a California based artist. He does awesome trip hop'ish music. This was the first song I heard from him:

Thavius Beck - "To make manifest"

Somehow this song fits especially well to the time we are living now. It made me think and hopefully others too. "Think, act, now."  Here is a link to his SoundCloud page:

Thavius Beck - "A thousand years"

This next one is a total eargasm, just pure awesomeness! Turn the volume up!
From the Hyberdub label.

Taso & DJ Unya - "Only the strong will survive"

Next one from the same Hyberdub album is also a total killer tune!

DJ Rashad, DJ Earl, Taye: "Bombaklot (Original Mix)"

Also pure gold!

DJ Earl - "I'm gonna get you"

Though I have never been a big fan of drum and bass but this one is awesome, also from DJ Earl.

Check out more of his tracks here:

This next artist Akkord has pretty cool texture in his songs. It makes me miss bit Berlin.

My techno heart starts to beat when I hear this:

and this one too:

Oh I could just link all of his work here... Pangaea is a London based artist. Here is his SoundCloud account:

From the Hotflush recordings:

 South London ordnance - "Sabre"

And his set from the Boiler room

Enjoy listening!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Good house

I'm always very picky about what kind of house music I like, because I have heard so much shit house music. But well don't you worry, I will introduce some really good house music to you in this post! Come along!

Kassem Mosse, this guy has a cool name and besides that great music too! His music is described as groovy deep house and very groovy it is! The album "Workshop 19" is full of great beats. I wrote down which tracks to check out but ended up having 2/3 of the songs in the list which is a good sign. I'll anyhow put here the list with short descriptions: "A3"  is bit slower and stylish, "B1" has killer beats, "B3"  has a beginning which reminds somehow Planningtorock, "C1" is beatless with some caribian vibe in it, chill, "C2" has crazy cool vibes in the beginning but then turns into strange mishmash, "D1" has a great dripply beat!

Kassem Mosse - "Untitled"

Check the album "Workshop 19" here:

Dutch E Germ is a Dutch artist aka. Tim De Wit. His mixtape "IN.RAK.DUST" is incredibly diverse and I think the best word to describe the sounds would be space hip hop. Some of the songs have quite Eastern style to them. Check out the whole album but if you don't have the time check at least "Elephant"  which is bit more ambient but then oho watch out.., "Nami Nami" (fun part is that nami means candy in Finnish) , "40oz Angel", "Mint Nose" and "Rani". Maybe bit hard music at first listening but awesome when you get into it.

Check his soundcloud:

He has some songs that are labeled under "sickness" HA!

If you search house music in Youtube you get usually tons of songs with photos of half naked women with headphones. Well talking about too deep decoltés this one really equals with it! From Distro the "Thug girl EP"  brings great house groove to save all the dancefloors. The two songs "Thug girl" and "Deep down" are definitely groovy, not in a slow way but higly danceable! And Distro has a songs labelled under "butch".

Atom Eye - The Otolith sessions trailer

After all the house I want to close with something totally different. Sometimes music is beautiful but at the same time hard to listen, I would say that listening trough "The Otolith sessions" from Atom Eye is a heavy experience but worth it. Album is full of spooky and cinematic sounds. Somehow I'm remembered by the same beautifull heavyness that Helios has in his music when I listen to Atom Eye but Atom Eye lingers maybe bit too long for my taste. Enjoy this beautifull video for "Prelude" by Atom Eye.

Atom Eye - "Prelude"

Friday, February 28, 2014

News from Lykke Li

Lykke Li has announced that she will release a new album "I never learn" on the may 5th (2014) and that it would be tha last piece in the trilogy of "Youth Novels" and "Wounded rhymes". She has released one song from the forthcoming album carrying the same title name. The new song sounds good with the guitar following trough the song and then the strings coming along and elevating the song. After listening this one I'm definitely looking forward for the new album! I'm just hoping that Lykke Li will not wallow in the sad moody atmosphere throught the whole album.

Lykke Li - "I never learn"

She has also made a song with David Lynch called "I'm waiting here". In the video a car is driving trough an empty road. Song is slow and has the well known style Lykke Li vocals, but somehow it gets bit cheesy with this video, would have maybe needed some more rawness into it.

Lykke Li & David Lynch - "I'm waiting here"

Thursday, February 27, 2014

New releases

Browsed trough some new releases and found some cool stuff. One of my favorite techno artist Kangding Ray aka. David Letellier has released a new album called "Solens Arc". Kangding Ray makes dark and grim techno which will crunch your ears and is the best listened in a big space loud.

Just after quick browse trought the album I have to admit I was bit dissapointed, was waiting something more daring from him. Now the album seems to stay in one spot and doesn't move along. Though the opening track "Serentipity March" is a great track that leads you into a slow overpowering beat. "Amber decay" is just pure extacy for your ears from the beginning till the end! I love how crunchy this artist makes all the beats and the bass.

Check the songs from Bleep: Ray - Solens Arc

Juke is something new still to me, haven't listened really to it before. But checking out Addison Groove - "Presents Jamie Grieve" is totally worth doing! The quick tempo and cool vocals make the album great to dance to. I would totally imagine this album played around three o' clock in the night. Check the songs "Warped", "One fall" and "Malus" which is a kinda breathing break in the album. I have always bit trouble with the vocals in electronic music and I'm very very picky if I like them or hate them. In this album the vocals still stay quit cool and don't become the sugary and boring uuhs and oohs. But well if it's ghetto house you can expect that too..

Addison Groove - "Bad things"

Here's bit info about juke from our all knowing Wikipedia:

Tribal music is also quite new for me. But I think DrumTalk could be a nice way to introduce people to tribal style techno. The album "Time" has two tracks "Time" and "Magnetic". These both tracks would be good tracks for a beginning to get people on the dance floor because of the catchy drum lines.

DrumTalk - From the Boiler room

The next artist I would describe as crazy catchy arcade/space shit, as in a good way!
Bass Clef has a new album out called "Bugbranded". First time ever listening to this artist and must say it's cool, hard to listen perhaps but still catchy. I could listen endlessly the beginning beats of "Sometimes the only way out is to go". "Faster than the speed of love" has a arcade vibe into it, but it takes it into a new level instead of staying in the bleeps and cracks.

Check the album here:

Bass Clef

Rainer Veil does bit Burial inspired music, the album "New Brutalism" sounds like the chilled out version of Burial. Check out the songs "UK will not survive" and "Strangers".  Check out the great live set from the Boiler room under here:

Rainer Veil

SoundCloud of Veil:

Thursday, February 20, 2014


It is a long time since I wrote here last time. I have not abandoned the blog and will not. The year changed, my laptop crashed, moved into a new place, been to concerts and club nights. Heard new good music and some bad too.

Some of the things that come first into my mind are the new or debut albums from Moby - "The Innocents" in which he is returning back into his older style but in a very good way. There were some songs from the album that definitely stuck with me since hearing for the first time, like "Perfect life" and "Lonely night" and the great vocals of Inyang Bassey.

Moby - "Perfect life"

Moby - "Lonely night"

The third album if I now remember right from Planningtorock called "All love's legal". The songs "Misogny drop dead" and "Patriachy over and out" were the first one I heard, might have a oppoturnity to go to see her gig soon. Was at one club evening where she was DJ'ing and got to say that she's good also as a dj! We wil for sure hear more from this artist!

Planningtorock - "Patriarchy over and out"

The debut album from the New Zealander Lorde "Pure heroine" became a huge thing all over. This 17-year old girl has a talent and we will for sure also hear from her later more. Her debut album is a very strong one and bringing some new fresh ideas. It's not r'n'b but it's not either just pop. And what shines trough the whole album is the great vocals, like in the big hit "Royals".

Lorde - "Royals"

Also got bit stuck with one great tune from Colleen, who's work I'm only bit familiar. On the first litening I didn't like it so much but when I found this song it was done, I love this song, how soothing it is while still being not so friendly. It was from this contortion video of Samatha Halas that I picked the song from.

Colleen - "Petit Fleur"

The XX came also with a new album "Coexist" which turned out to be great training music. I still love the guitar, bass and vocals in it but somehow i get the feeling how long this band can ride on the same wave? It doesn't take anything away from the new album but in the future I'm interested into which way they will go.

The XX - "Coexist preview"

Florence and the machine is also working on their third studio album and will be very exciting to see how it will turn out. Will they go for the more pop side or for the electronic side? We'll see!