Friday, February 3, 2012

UMK - Uuden musiikin kisa - Eurovision song contest

Don't be scared of the name. I think I finally found something great from Eurovision, they have changed now the rules. There's professional jury in the preliminary contest who decides which songs go further. I think in this way we will get to hear more interesting pieces. There was some cool competitors in the Finnish contest.

I found a singer with a beautiful voice! Aili!
Here's a song that I've played on repeat for some time. These songs have also beautiful lyrics!

Aili - "Minun taivas" (My Sky)

(Click on the video under Minun taivas)

Check also Aili's soundcoud for "Lastaa laivasi"

There were also some totally crazy songs that made to the semifinals in Finland. It feels like a very strange mix of console games and, and euro pop. There's almost no word for it! It's nuts, but has still something fancy in it!

"The present so cheap it felt like a crime, I opened the box in the middle of the night just to make it sure it was working right. I got hooked on Wii, wii, wii"

Captor "Hooked on Wii"

You can check their myspace page for some more stuff:

One nice surprise was Kirahvi nimeltä Tuike:  "Sinisulkien viimeinen"

And you can listen their album "Lehtipeitteen suojelijat" (2010) from bandcamp and buy the digital album for five euros only, or check spotify: "Askeleet rannalta" and "Vaapukkamehulaulu" are also nice one from their album.

And of course we need some "purkkapoppia" - chewing gum pop! The lyrics are crazy and so also the song names: "Askaa", "Pu pu pu pussaillaan" and "Kultsipuppeli"

Lasmatic - "Askaa"

This whole thing reminds me remotely Annie - "Chewing gum"
Where the lyrics go also:

"Oh no, Oh no, you've got it all wrong,
you think you are choking but you are chewing gum"

Well actually the lyrics go like this, but I prefer the version how I heard it always!

"Oh no, Oh no, you've got it all wrong,
you think you are chocolate when you are chewing gum"

The was one quite nice one still...but it's bit too rock/pop for me: Seamus - "Like soldiers Go"

One nice candidate who also was competing in Voice of Finland surprised me.
Great voice! I think we will hear more from her!Check her webpage here:

Selja Sini - "Pack up"

Selja Sini - "Puun Alla"

Part of lyrics in English:

"If we could climb
Way up high
We could see it all
And each other too"

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