Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Burial - Kindred

The dub step master Burial is going to release soon, the date is not yet known, a new "Kindred ep". It has three songs on it: "Kindred", "Loner" and "Ashtray wasp". The opening track "Kindred" is a slow drifting song with beautiful bass patterns, bits and parts of vocals and a beautiful piano and violin (?) in the background. Listen these songs with headphones, sounds the best like that!

Burial - "Kindred"

Burial - "Loner"

"Loner" is a faster track that you could listen when running on a empty street and there's a beautiful moment when the lyrics hit at 6.22. "Hold on. Will you please, hold on? Hold on."  I love the way how Burial creates these soundscapes that catch your breath and whole attention. That introduce you to something else, something new. There's a small clip from "Ashtray wasp", it has bells ringing trough the whole clip, quite rough sounds, don't know if it's because of the clip that I found.

Burial released also earlier in 2011 "Street halo ep" that had the songs "Street halo", "NYC" and "Stolen dog" on it. "Street halo" has a very haunting vocals that are in the background and then take more space. I like the beginning of  "NYC". It has very beautiful deep bass. But then I miss something from the rest part of the song, would need some bigger changes. From the "Street halo ep" the song "Stolen dog" stands out. It has some soft old sounding synths in the beginning that are just lovely!

Burial - "Stolen dog"

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