Sunday, August 11, 2013

Massive spaces - massive sounds

For some time already I have wanted to go to listen to an organ concert in a church or a choir. I once had the chance just randomly being at the right time to listen some organ music in a church in Rotterdam. I really loved how the sound was everywhere, in big space like in a church the sound has sooo much more height for it, it becomes overwhelming. And it's sometimes good to get this feeling of overwhelming sounds around you.

I found this handy page if you are looking for concerts in churches in Berlin/Germany. It lists quite many of them, definitely going to head up some Saturday evening to Berliner Dom to attend a concert. Berliner Dom is anyhow extremely big and I think it will be awesome! I'll post more about it after a concert, hopefully soon!

Here's the link to the website!

I'll just link one choir music cd just started to listen, beginning is super beautiful, oh, it is the Agnus Dei part! But have to admit that I don't know almost anything about choirmusic, so just hit choirmusic and church to youtube and see what you find!

Sacred choir music - The choir of new college, Oxford

And a real classic choice for some badass organ music!

Johann Sebastian Bach - "Toccata and fugue in D minor"

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