Monday, January 9, 2017

Radio re-discovered!

The Earth during the night

I love languages and I love music. So I found an amazing site which combines them both!
Huge thanks go to my friend J.M. (you know who you are!) for posting the link in FB! I was seriously stuck with this awesome radio site for some hours afterwards.

I used to listen quite some radio already as a kid. And my dad had this super cool radio that you could listen to all different radio channels around the world. How awesome that you can "sail" trough the world, countries, languages and cultures just by turning the radio button! Nowadays I feel that the radio has lost so much and mostly all channels are playing the same songs on a never ending loop. I tend to open the radio, but then closing it after 30 minutes because I can't take it anymore.

This awesome alternative I'm talking about is: It gives you a pretty amazing chance to browse trough many radio channels (mostly internet radios) in "Google Earth" -style environment. So you can just turn the globe and browse endlessly from a country to another.

First of all this page is awesome if you want to learn new languages or keep up with languages which you have already learned but don't hear that often. And sometimes it's just super cool and quite relaxing to listen to music while not understanding the language at all. So you can totally zone out with this page!

So far I've been listening only to a tiny fraction of the stations. Stations in Russia, Greece, Turkey, random Arabic speaking countries, Italy, Finland....

And of course I wanted to try out if I could find any stations in China, but the last time I was maybe able to find five or six stations. North-Korea is totally empty! Last year (2016) in December I was still able to listen to radios in Aleppo, Syria but now there's nothing. But you can still tune in in Damascus.

Here's a small article about the guy, Jonathan Puckey, behind this project:

And the link to all this awesomeness is

Have fun browsing and listening!

pssst...check radios in Tehran, it's pretty cool!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Happy New Year people! Something for everyone.

The 2016 went by! Some good things happened and some horrible ones too, especially in the music scene. But as an eternal optimist I'm sure 2017 will be a great year!

I skipped NYE's parties in Berlin, they are overpriced and too crowded. And anyhows you have all the other 364 days to go to nice techno parties which are bit more decently priced! Meanwhile I have found some cool new songs and this post will be again mix of everything (nice!). So bare with me and I hope you like these songs!

I seem to have taught my Spotify pretty well because in the past time I've found quite some cool songs via it. This one is also from my Spotify recommendations. The artist is BeGun and the song is called "Nari" it's a chill and nice afternoon song.

According to SoundCloud Begun comes from Spain. He has released an album called "Amma" on 2016, in a quick browse trough the album sounds pretty cool. Relaxed music with some African vibes. Totally recommend it if you like a mix of electronic and African music.

You can also check the video story of the album Amma on Begun's homepage:

The next artist comes from....Finland!! Even though crazily enough her music hasn't been played yet that much in Finland. I'm talking now about the most awesome Alma ! She's a young artist who has kinda hit trough already, but we are still waiting for a longer album from her. She released "Dye my hair" -album in 2016. If you have heard some songs from her it must be either "Karma" or the song from Felix Jaehn "Bonfire ft. Alma". I still personally don't get why she is not that popular in Finland, because she has really a phenomenal voice! But as so often bigger artists who sing in English are either talked over to change their "singing language" into Finnish or otherwise they can create careers abroad, which is totally ridiculous. This must change!

Here the kick ass songs from Alma! And those superrr beats! Pa pa pa paaa!

Alma - "Karma"

And the already 7 million views gathered song... "I'm the bonfire, you make me stronger...."

Felix Jaehn - "Bonfire ft. Alma"

Okay, still one more...a great video too!

Alma - "Dye my hair"

We will for sure hear more from this fantastically talented young artist!

The next artist come from Spain.. Marcos Cruz  I know only this song from him, but it's a nice one!

Marcos Cruz - "Esencia"

You can follow him here:

What would become if you combine Turkish music, electro and some weird disco? You'll get this one:

Débruit & istanbul - "KACIYORUM with Gaye Su Akyol"

And what do you get if you combine electro rockabilly style music with Turkish music?
You get this one:

Gaye Su Akyol - "Eski Tüfek"

You can buy their digital album from Bandcamp:

These disco dream songs will lead us into some retro tunes:

Bright light bright light  - album "Choreography"

You can follow Bright light bright light here:

The next one is from a tv series "Stranger things", it's a sci-fi series which is pretty great! "Stranger things" got lot of praise from its soundtrack which is done by a group called Survive from USA, Texas, Austin. If you like synth music, you should definitely check the sound track. It's ridiculous how catchy the main theme is, I think I could watch this 10 minute version of it in one sit:

Survive - "Stranger things - Theme song"

And another favorite from the soundtrack:

Survive - Stranger Things - "Lay-Z-Boy"

Check also these ones from the soundtrack: "Fresh blood" and "Lamps" .

Here's an article from The Rolling stones about the group:

Boxer rebellion comes from UK. I don't listen that often to alternative rock, but they are great!!

Boxer rebellion - "Let's disappear"

You can follow Boxer rebellion here:

This next band comes from The Netherlands!! And they are awesome! And they are called Crying boys cafe. Here's a live performance from them from the popular talk show De Wereld draait door (The world turn around) in The Netherlands.

Crying boys cafe - "I was a singer"

They have released an album "The keys not the people" in 2016 which is definitely worth of checking out! I especially liked the song "Be so".

Crying boys cafe - "Be so"

You can follow them here:

Here, have a beautiful song from the band Sea Bed from the UK!

Sea Bed - "Young"

You can follow Sea Bed here:

I will end the fairly long post with this cool song from Waterbed.

Waterbed - "Butterfly"

Oh yeah, and because it's 2017!!