Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The big big Bleep list

Every year one of my favorite source of music, Bleep, makes a list of 100 best songs of that year. I took the time, which took actually quite loong..to browse the list trough and picked my favorite ones, some I knew, but most of them were totally new for me. Found couple very interesting artists, couple dope ones..it's a mix of calm music, techno, world music, muslim trance, crazy ones so it's all mixed. The songs are not in any particular order for me. Some songs weren't actually on the list but were from the same artist who was on the list (if I thought that the other song was cooler).

My Bleeping list for 2014:

Andy Stott - "Damage" but I chose out of the list "Faith in strangers" (from the same named album) and also "On oath".

Hadn't heard anything before from this artist and he really surprised me positively. Very good stuff!
Beautiful electronic music, calm but powerful and sometimes bit grimm.

Andy Stott SoundCloud: Andy Stott SoundCloud
Andy Stott FB: Andy Stott FB

Caribou - "Can't do without you" is a groovy dance song and well the lyrics will stick into your head. Haven't listened that much Caribou though I have heard lot about them.

Get more of Caribou:  Caribou SoundCloud
Webpage: Caribou official
Become a Caribou fan at Facebook: Caribou FB

Fatima al Qadiri - "Shanghai freeway" on the list but I choose "Muslim Trance mini-mix". It is a mix of Islamic sacred Shi’ite and Sunni acapella found from the internet. I think this was one of the most interesting artists from the list. If SoundCloud info is correct then this artist comes from Kuwait. I wonder how many muslim woman dj's there are. Would be cool to hear more!

Fatima al Qadiri SoundCloud: Fatima al Qadiri SoundCloud
Fatima al Qadiri official: Fatima al Qadiri official

FKA Twigs - "Two weeks" is a sexy and a beautiful song. Check the music video!

Check the official FKA Twigs Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/twigstv

Grouper - "Clearing" is a very calm and a beautiful song. Check also "Vital" from Soundcloud.

Check more info: http://www.kranky.net/
More Grouper songs from Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/tags/grouper

Hudson Mohawke - "Chimes"  Mohawkees are some of of my favorite bands what it comes to crazy synth disco/trap music. Keep it dope! Plus the image on the track cover is awesome!

More Hudson Mohawke at SoundCloud:  Hudson Mohawke SoundCloud
Hudson Mohawke Official: Hudson Mohawke
Hudson Mohawke FB: Hudson Mohawke FB

Jacques Greene - "No excuse (Yung Gud VIP rmx)" is a cool club dance'ish song. At least I would like to dance to this in a nice club. Plus the base is great!

More Jacques Greene on SoundCloud: Jacques Greene SoundCloud
Jacques Greene Official: Jacques Greene Official
Jacques Greene FB:  Jacques Greene FB

Lowtec - "Drone one"  We go back to more techno.

Lowtec SoundCloud:        https://soundcloud.com/lowtec

Lv and Joshua Idehen - "Imminent" Joou! Listen this song and get your swag on!

More Lv and Joshua Idehen: https://soundcloud.com/lvlvlv
Lv and Joshua Idehen FB:    LV and Joshua Idehen FB

Mo Kolours - "Little Brown dog" The song name says it all! A nice summer chilling song, plus I love the steel drums!

 Mo Kolours bandcamp: Mo Kolours bandcamp    Free album downloads!!
 Mo Kolours FB:  Mo Kolours FB
 Mo Kolours: Mo Kolours

Planningtorock -"Human drama" some of my favorite artists. And she's still great!
...It's liquid it's living...

Planningtorock webpage: Planningtorock Official
Planningtorock SoundCloud: Planningtorock SoundCloud
Planningtorock FB:                Planningtorock FB

Randomer - "Stupid things I do (new school mix)" I actually listened quite some time ago Randomer and used one of his songs in one performance. I loove that base! Dance shoes on! Great artist!

Randomer SoundCloud: Randomer SoundCloud
Randomer FB:                Randomer FB
Randomer RA:               Randomer resident advisor

Sophie - "Lemonade" This song is just totally nuts. Nuts! I won't say how the beginning of the song sounds to me, but well listen yourself! You get this song if you mix really bad pop song lyrics with crazy nice base. I love the mix of this crazyness!

"I got something to tell you
hope you'll understand
I never meant to hurt you
it wasn't in my plans
just know when I'm with you
everythings okay
I get that thirsty feeling
and I want lemonade
lemonade, l-l-lemonade (lemonade, l-l-lemonade)
candy boys, c-c-candy boys (lemonade, l-l-lemonade)"

Sophie Soundcloud (more crazy shit): Sophie SoundCloud
Sophie:                                                 http://msmsmsm.com/

Toumani Diabate & Sidiki Diabate - "Rachid Ouiguini" But I took "Salimou" which was in the SoundCloud. Some really cool african music! I highly recommed this duo, it's a father and a son.

Official:                       http://www.toumaniandsidiki.com/
FB:                              Toumani & Sidiki FB
World circuit records:  https://www.youtube.com/user/worldcircuitltd

Sunday, January 18, 2015

..don't you know you're worthy more than the bathroom floor in the end of the night

It's 2015! Happy New Year to all you who are reading Noisy (Noise out of nothing is so long word so just came up with this one)! I will promise at least one thing for this year; to find better techno parties! I have been let down some times even in Berlin when going to some techno parties and finding out that the music isn't that good or that the sets which the DJ's are playing have bad quality (are skipping/jumping..) I would like to go to a real rave party, but waiting for that I shall not complain anymore, anyhow's there's plenty of parties in Berlin to attend to and I haven't seen all of them the yet.

 Sasha Siem (photo:qthemusic.com)

First to get rid of one positive earworm or "Ohrwurm" as the Germans would say.
I found the song because Susanne Sundför is soon realeasing a new album and I saw this remix on her Soundcloud and checked it and fell in love with the song. The song is called "My friend" and it is from Sasha Siem (Norwegian-British). It has beautiful lyrics. Siem will also soon release her debut album..so be ready!

The second remix of the same song is done by Cloud boat, it has more original lyrics left and is more upbeat like the original song also.

And of course the original by Sasha Siem:

Sasha Siem:        Sasha Siem homepage
And SoudCloud: Sasha Siem SoundCloud
FB:                      Sasha Siem FB

Marc Houle (from mixing.dj)

Then back to some techno. I would like to present you Canadian techno artist Marc Houle. I can't remember how I stumbled across with this one, but he makes really good techno. He has some free downloads too which would be good to check out!

Check at least these songs from the "Cola Party" LP: "I'dont wanna know about you" and "Raybans in Bahrain" with headphones on.

Homepage:    Marc Houle Official
SoundCloud: Marc Houle SoundCloud
Facebook:     Marc Houle FB

And then one other smaller techno artist who resides also in Berlin, Kevin Keath, and makes quite cool minimal techno.

Hope you enjoyed the tunes! Here's some never ending confetti for you!
Have a good beginning of 2015!