Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Here's some sleepy music...evil grin..and Luke Slater!

Luke Slater

Was almost going to sleep, but what can you do if you find ear drumming songs just before...you wake up! From Planetary assault system aka Luke Slater and the album "The Messenger"

Planetary Assault System - "Rip the cut"

Planetary Assault Systems - "Bell Blocker"

Also Luke Slater!

Planetary Assault Systems - "Beauty In The Fear"

Planetary Assault Systems - "Black Tea"

Still the same guy!

Couldn't first believe that it is the same guy in these pictures, but it is! Not in any time order. Here's some older work from him.
Luke Slater - "Love"

If you want to listen more of his early work check youtube with Luke Slater Peacefrog Records. And if you want something bit faster and stronger you should check Ugandan Methods. Chose the next song because of its name. Check also 10 Label - Japanese label. http://www.10-label.com

Ugandan Methods - "Between A Sleep and A Sleep"


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