Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Marilyn Monroe

 (Up)Picture of Marilyn Monroe when she was 34 years old.

Saw this week "My week with Marilyn" movie which was great. It would be interesting to read her biography. She had such a roller coaster life. Married three times and divorced. She was one of the biggest celebrities ever. She had glamour like Marlene Dietrich had also. Hope she would have lived longer. I have seen couple times one of her movies "Some like it hot" which has her one of the most known songs "I wanna be loved by you" in it. This is a great movie.
Check more info about Monroe:

Marilyn Monroe - Clip of "I wanna be loved by you" from "Some like it hot"

Check also the version where the music quality is better and it's the whole song.

And the maybe the most famous version of "Diamonds are girls best friend"

Marilyn Monroe died only 36 years old of "acute barbiturate poisoning," resulting from a "probable suicide" as Dr. Thomas Noguchi of the Los Angeles County Coroners office wrote it down.

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