Thursday, January 31, 2013

Plexiglass in your face!

Just saw this fun video today, nice strange video and a good song. From Darkstar.

Darkstar - "Amplified ease"

Very short info from wikipedia:

But sometimes you find also something quite different. Well this time cool song that had name "Dark star" from the band Polica.
Polica - "Dark star"

Their webpage:

Polica - "Wandering star"

It's fun to read trough the comments on the videos sometimes, people search reason for things.
But for everbody the reason is different and so the conclusion too, which is good.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Simple is beautiful - Eyes are captivating

 I found one quite amazing song by Jessie Ware, UK singer-songwriter with a stunning presence! I've listened "Wildest moments" several times and every time I like it even more. It's amazing to see such a stunning presence, even though she is only turning in one spot during the whole song! It's incredibly strong to see that nowdays when mostly all the music videos are pumped full of special effects, backing dancers, colors, clothes, half naked people and explosions.

Jessie Ware captures something that many people try to do for years. She has her debut album out which is called "Devotion". She has also sung vocals for SBTRKT. Check her homepage here:    And her SoundCloud:

Jessie Ware - "Wildest moments"

The power of the eyes is just mind blowing. You have the same effect in this music video that is taken in one single shot. It's from Lykke Li. Especially in the part of 3.34 she kinda looks trough you. That feeling I get from watching the video.

Lykke Li - "Tonight"

I found about Solange Knowles last week. She's the little sister of Beyonce. I was positively surprised how different and fun music she does. Very different from her sister. This song brings summer where ever you are listening this. And I love that tailor shop in a see container and the guys posing in their suits. Her homepage you can find here:

Solange - "Losing you"

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Eartha Kitt - Uska Dara

Eartha Kitt was a famous Amercian singer, cabaret artist and and an actress.
I found myself listening back Christmas songs because of sudden snowfall in The Netherlands. Kitt made also the famous "Santa baby" song but the most happy I was to find the "Turkish tale" song that I have heard somewhere when I was small because I remember only the strange lyrics that were in Turkish and went according to me like "uuskudaara äärekikke rambada biriam buu". Kitt ofcourse sang this song in Turkish that tells also quite a lot how multilingual she was!

I still totally love this song!

Eartha Kitt - "Turkish tale"

Eartha Kitt - "Oggere"

Some cool quotes and fact about her:
"Orson Welles once called her the `most exciting woman in the world.` "She took over the role of Catwoman for the third and final season of the 1960s Batman television series,
replacing Julie Newmar, who was unavailable due to other commitments."

Do you remember still Mowgli and the jungle book? Sounds bit familiar.

Eartha Kitt - "African lullaby"

Eartha Kitt - "Santa baby"

Interesting Telegraph article about her life:

Monday, January 14, 2013

CLR Podcats

Check this! CLR Podcasts! ...Modeselektor, Rødhåd, Pan-Pot, Luke Slater and many many more.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Piknik Electronik and Rødhåd

Found a massive set that I still haven't listened full through, it's 3 hours long, but at least untill 40.00 it has been great! Have a nice Sunday and enjoy!

And something little bit faster from Rødhåd. Check at least "Hagagatan (Rodhad remix)", "Hope" and "Thoughtcrime".

Why do the DJ pictures look always so serious and the same?
Looking into the sky or straight at you, or smoking? If someone has found some exceptionally cool and different DJ photos let me know!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Plaster for your ears

Just found this awesome awesome duo called Plaster which is composed of Gianclaudio Hashem Moniri and Giuseppe Carlini. They do fantastic music! Prepare your headphones and ears girls and boys! Check their albums: "Double Connection", "Platforms". 

 The next two ones are from different artist also called Plaster but which is from Montreal but they are also awesome! "First Aid Kit" and "Let it all out".Total awesomeness! Booggéré! If you don't like so crunchy sounds you should check the "Let it all out" album! Awesome anyhow!

Plaster - "Rearline"

Plaster - "Component"

Plaster - "Transversal"

Check also his SoundCloud:

Plaster - "Booggérré"

Check their official homepage here:

Which one is which?





Speedy J

If you haven't heard yet about Speedy J you should! He has a birthday concert in Perron 15.2! But he's also playing often in Berlin.

And check out also this one:
Great stuff! Check also his homepage here:

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Feet in the water

Great song from a young Finnish/French band Eva & Manu: "Feet in the water"

More info:

Monday, January 7, 2013

Pony - Hudson Mohawke and more

Just found a cool song via Karmon. It's a remix from Pony, a Dutch Dj that I hadn't hear yeat before.

It's  from Jon Celius: "Still don't love you" (Pony Remix)

If you like deep house check also some livesets: 

Somehow I connect this bit in my head into Hudson Mohawke.

This guy is a killer at least what comes to this video! Awesome!

Oh and if you liked this you might like Palmbomen:

Oh and found a really cool mix set from Baby Prince: 

Ending song of the set is...
Santo & Johnny: "Sleepwalk"

Oh and this one is also awesome set from Ada:
"I'm a read that bitch, I'm take to the school bitch, I'm a slice that bitch"
Check also the song list:

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The first day of the year

How would have been the first year of first year? How is your first day of the year?

I want to share this beautiful song with you. It's from Rebekka Karijord, a Norwegian artist living in Sweden at the moment. She has amazingly beautiful songs, but this has become now the most breat taking one. Check her album "The noble art of letting go" and the newest album "We become ourselves".

"On the first day of the year
I can´t help but wonder why
we´ve been apart so much last year
when it feels so good having you here

I am a fool when it comes to
expressing my love for you
and I know I´ve showed you in all ways
how doubtful I´ve been these days

But when all the birds gather
on the factory roof across the river
outside our window the sky
turns orange ´cause darkness is loosening
its grip over Stockholm
I think of how thankful I am

To be loved by you
to be loved by you
to be loved by someone like you"