Thursday, February 2, 2012

Svenska flickan - attitude from Sverige

Found this through Subtopia circus festival in Sweden. They are crazy and good!
Now days sex is in front of our eyes almost everywhere in a city. It's thrown straight to our eyes in commercials, some music videos, grocery stores.. It's commercialized everywhere.

We see so much information daily that we don't need to. We see commercials everywhere. Also youtube has become annoying with it's commercials, what happened to free independent publishing without commercial influence? But luckily there are also other channels! When you walk in the city you don't notice how much commercial shit you are forced to see. You don't notice it until you go somewhere else where's no commercials or billboards at all.

Couldn't we use it for some art instead?

Graffitis by Banksy.

Here's Svenska Flickan - "Zexy"

"I wanna be sexy when I'm shitting,
I wanna be sexy when I'm crying,
I wanna be sexy when I'm dying"

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