Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bit About Moby

Moby was the first artist I totally fell in love with. His music was just amazing. Play was the greatest album. Listened it countless times and if  I should still say one of the most remarkable albums that were very important to me it would be Play. Also some earlier Moby songs. Haven't still listened the latest Moby album Destroyed. Just listened it a bit and sounds like Moby is coming back to the roots of his music which is great! But here's some old school Moby songs..

One very very beautiful is this.
Moby - "When it's cold I'd like to die

"Where were you when I was lonesome?
Locked away with freezing cold
Someone flying only stolen
I can't tell this light so old

I don't want to swim the ocean
I don't want to fight the tide
I don't want to swim forever
When it's cold I'd like to die

What was that my sweet sweet nothing?
I can't hear you through the fog
If I holler let me go
If I falter let me know"

Moby - "My weakness"

This videoclip is special one. It's from X-Files from episode
called "Closure" that is when Mulder get to the end for his search for his sister, Samantha.

Moby - "In this world"

Moby - "Feeling so real"
I was so happy to hear this song live. Amazing! Originally from the 90's

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