Friday, April 27, 2012


I had to make a own post for Exitmusic. I have watched "Passage" video now couple times. The songs is very special. Moving.

Exitmusic is a band from NYC and formed by Aleksa Palladino and Devon Church but performs with two more people; with the drummer Dru Prentiss and electronic musician Nicholas Shelestak. They have self-released album called "The decline of the west" in 2007, and one EP called "From silence" in 2011 on Secretly Canadian and will release "Passage" 22.5.2012. For more info check their webpage at

Exitmusic - "The hours"

Exitmusic - "The sea"

I found a nice interview of the band at Secretly Canadian and here's part of it:

"The New York City duo -- Aleksa Palladino and Devon Church -- doesn't care when the chill runs down your spine, they just hope their music provokes some kind of primal feeling. Church explains, "It's like what Aleksa sings at the end of 'The Sea': 'And you turn your back to life... Oh, sorrow.' We want our music to confront people in a gentle but powerful way, to make them feel something."

"To feel human again," adds Palladino. "To remind people, and even us, to let yourself be vulnerable." She says that when she's writing a song, she knows it's going well when she feels breathless, overwhelmed by what is stirring inside of her. "The songs themselves are slightly abstract, but where they're coming from emotionally is always very clear to me."

You can check the whole text here:

And here's a great live performance of Exitmusic at KEXP with the songs

The Sea 00:12
The Modern Age 04:54
The Hours 10:35
The Silence 15:00
Exitmusic - Live at KEXP

They are coming to play in Den Haag 11.5 at Walk the line festival And 20.5 at Bitterzoet in Amsterdam tickets 12,5e. Maybe see you there!

Thursday, April 26, 2012


I have been listening to some Phantogram lately the "Nightlife" EP from 2011. I though I already mentioned it in some post, just couldn't find it so here's bit more about Phantogram. It's a American band that consists of Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter. I think the very first thing that strike me with this band was the amazing guitar sounds! They released their debut album called "Eyelid movies" in 2009.

Phantogram - "When I'm small

Phantogram - "Turning into stone"

Phantogram - "16 Years"

Phantogram - "Don't move"

Check their homepage here:

V&S: Porcelain raft

Porcelain raft - "Unless you speak from your heart"

"I don't want to listen, unless you speak from your heart"

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

V&S: Passage.

Exitmusic - "Passage"

Where does the passage lead us?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

V&S: Now that I'm real how does it feel?

Just found this song trough a commercial of H&M "Fashion against aids".

Chad Valley - "Now that I'm real (How does it feel?)"

Now that I'm real how does it feel?

Friday, April 20, 2012

The sweet post

Found this this morning! Awesomeness, summer in a song! Thank you Kompakt Records! From Vampire Weekend's Chris Baio ft. Matias Aguayo present you "Tanto" from the "Sunburn EP".

And found some quite fun song, the rhythm is different and love those small shouts trough out the song. Groovy! Aia uuu aia aia uuu uuuu! Happy song. It kind of has something from Kings of convenience, Múm  with a Mediterranean and African twist.

They have released two albums: their debut album "Vampire weekend" (2008) and latest album "Contra" (2010). It's an American band from New York and formed by Ezra KoenigRostam BatmanglijChris Tomson, and Chris Baio.

Vampire weekend - "White Sky"

They have indeed very catchy songs. Learned new things from YouTube again; horchata is a Mexican drink made​from rice and milk with a little cinnamon and lot of ice.

Vampire Weekend - "Horchata"

There's just something sweet in their songs! Love the piano and strings in this a lot, well the whole arrangement! Swwweeet!

Vampire weekend - "Taxi cab"

Isn't it great! It's my new "happy indie band" for sure! Love the structures of the songs! Lets wiggle our feet, dance and jump in the sun!

Vampire Weekend - "Diplomat's son"

Check their official page here: I have to make a second post, I want to keep this as the sweet post.

Sweet! Will make later some day also a post about skwee! It's also sweet!

Monday, April 16, 2012

For the early birds!

For the early birds here in Europe! Florence + The machine will be performing at Coachella within couple of minutes now (16.4) at Coachella and they are live streaming it! So tune in! Now they send also Modeselektor, he's great!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rotterdamse Rave @ PERRON 27.4

Once again about Perron, the nicest place of Rotterdam! There's going to be wicked rave party the 27.4, so buy your ticket now (10e) and be prepared! It's going to be nice people, nice atmosphere and lot of dancing! Get your tickets from here: The line up will be following (from Perron facebook):

Area 1

Dj Nonce


Karim Soliman

Martinos Tsavidis

Area 2
Denis Atmaca

Frank Visser

Justin Kuijt & Olle Beenhakker

Hilmar de Vries


L'Atelier (Deep Down)

Checked already bit trough the artists and there were some very good ones! Looking forward for Industrialyzer aka Ricardo Rodriguez from Barcelona.

Denis Atmaca sounds great too!

And more groovy stuff from Hilmar (before know also as Torre Alta)

Found a clip from DJ Nonce too! It's going to be great!

Rotterdamse Rave: Dj Nonce

Check also Dani White and Secunda! They were playing yesterday at Perron, they were great! Puur Gijs was a bit of a let down even though the set he has at SoundCloud is awesome!

Some atmosphere ans sound from the last Rotterdamse rave which was at Perron. With The Advent.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Mindfuck of the highest order

The 3D mapping on buildings. You can make everything crumble in a second, it's like playing with modeling clay, you can make whatever you want! Infinite options where to choose from! This post is about how amazing it can come when you combine great music with awesome visuals!


Saw just couple days a go new video clip of the forthcoming album "Ufabulum" from Squarepusher also know as Tom Jenkinson, and it blew my mind! When music and visuals meet it can come like the heaven on earth for a moment! Watch the next video in large or full screen.

Squarepusher - "Dark Steering"

And if you want to see a longer clip from his New York gig check this out! The sound quality is not so good but it's still nice. Especially the moment from 6.08 on wards must have blown the ears away if you were there! Awesome!

When Squarepusher released his album "Go Plastic" (2001) Warp held a animation competition for it and I found one of the videos. It's quite crazy, my eyes were going mixed in the middle, but it's awesome! Watch also full screen.

Squarepusher - "Exploding psychology"
Video is done by Kaspar Daugaard and Stefan Mylleager

To check out the albums from Squarepusher go here:
He has been releasing stuff already since 1995!

Another great artist who combines visuals and sound in a very very special way is the Brazilian Amon Tobin in his "ISAM" tour. Love his music even more than Squarepusher's. It's just pure magic what he does!
Check his discography here:

Amon Tobin 'ISAM' Live (Extended Trailer)

Prepare for this ear crunching song! Ha haa! It's awesome! Makes me smile and happy!

Amon Tobin - "Piece of paper"

One comment was just so awesome I have to put it here:
Wired: "ISAM's live show looks like a mindfuck of the highest order."

And Amon Tobin's answer to it: "The performance of electronic music isn't very interesting to look at, because it's generally not performance-based music. So outside of the realm of making people dance, which isn't really what this record is about, a live show presents something of a challenge."

This is so true! So often DJ's forget the performance! I think that's one thing that separates good DJ's from the bad, you have to be present! And with electronic music you have different options of presenting it as in visuals if the main goal is not in making people dance, it can still be a mind blowing experience!

Amon Tobin - 'ISAM: Live' at Moogfest 2011

One of the goals for ISAM was to make a record with instruments that physically don't exist physically, Amon Tobin told in a interview with The creators project which you can see here:

Amon Tobin - "Bedtime Stories"

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

V&S: Le Le

This band will be performing in the Sencity Eindhoven 28th April. If you are somewhere close by go there, you can get a haircut also there for example! Sencity was up to date some of the most awesomes parties ever!

Le Le will be performing also there! They have such a cool music video and song is also great. Just listened some more songs from them and they are awesome! You can listen their music here:

They have released two albums;  "Flage" (2008) and "Party Time" (2012). Ghettotech! Ha haa!

Le Le - "No"

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Destroyed. The newest album of Moby. 2011. Synths. Welcome them back!

He comes back to his roots with this album. Listened it now couple times trough and it's great to hear the change after "Wait for me" which was a bit disappointment to me.

The opening track "The broken places" sounds good. With bit cold sounds that go trough the whole song. The second track "Be the one" repeats trough the whole song same lines of:

'll never see what you wanted... love
I was the hell that you needed... oh
I was the one when you needed love
I was the one when you needed love"

It has also great music video.

Moby - "Be the one"

"Sevastopol" has this feeling when you are travelling somewhere. "The Low Hum" is not so usual Moby style song somehow as in where "Rockets" has all Moby trademarks on it! Long synth sounds, beautiful vocals, slow drum and bass....that's all right! Check this link to get to know more about the album: You can send your own 2 am instagram photos to the world map! It's a lot of fun to listen the album (at the webpage) while browsing the pictures around the world.

 Dominican republic

Salt Lake city international airport

Murmansk at 2 am.

Tainan, Taiwan.

Vordingborg, Denmark

"The day" was the first song I listened from this album. Together with the music video. It's nice to hear Moby's voice back.
Moby - "The Day"

"I tried to know when to leave,
She sits in the bedroom and grieves,
There's a sequence that starts all again,
She can't get up anymore, with the pain.
The combination of these drugs has left her hopeless and lost,
She wants to count the waves,
but she can't count again.

I'll be right here,
'Till all the pain just disappears,
I don't want to escape,
'Till all this light just kills the day."

I liked already from the beginning on "Lie down in darkness". Beautiful vocals! Soul.
I don't know yet if I like "Victoria Lucas" or not. There's something I miss bit. Now it stays hanging bit in the middle. But together with the music video it goes better.

Moby - "Victoria Lucas"

"After" has catchy repetitions of "but my mind was slow". The whole song sounds just good! This some of my favorite track from the album and it has also great music video. There's also lot of remixes from this song! Like the original though the best!

Moby - "After"

"Stella Maris" the song I posted just yesterday is my favorite from the whole album. It's just purely so beautiful, eerie! I would actually like to hear this in a big church with good sound! It reminds me of the feeling what "My weakness" gave to me when I first heard it. Just simple beauty and peace.

Moby - "Stella Maris"

"The violent bear is away" mixes piano nicely with electric sounds and bass that kicks in in the middle with the drums. Would like to hear this one at a big open air festival. "Lacrimae" is a mix of XX style guitar together with Moby synths. And it's 08.05 long, I think that so many that big artists don't have the guts to put that long songs on their albums.

Check also from the deluxe version "The poison tree"! Here's a small making of video. There will be soon a remix by David Lynch.

Making "The poison tree" with Moby and Inyang Bassey

And the song! It's awesome! Inyang has very good voice for this song!

Moby feat. Inyang Bassey - "The Poison Tree"

Mhm, mhm, mhm, mhm..

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Good Easter

Was listening Moby's "Destroyed" and this song stood up from the rest. Love those long synth sounds. Moby synths! Check also the other songs from the album!

Good Easter to everybody!

Moby - "Stella Maris"

Check also this video version for the song. Quite amazing one.

Perron and Chicago stuff!

Perron is a great club in Rotterdam. I find it the only granted nice place in Rotterdam when it comes to electro and techno. You have nice people and nice music! Very often on Friday or Saturday there is a free entrance before 01.00 at the Subsidie taferelen. This time it was with Jeff Moore & Jamie lie a kwie. They actually surprised me, it was the so far nicest music in Perron (of the free parties there). They have often also great visiting DJ's!

Check their webpage at: for upcoming events.


Also found some awesome stuff from the newest Bleep newsletter!
I want to present you Cornelius Ferguson AKA Traxman from Chicago. Just been listening bit his newest album "Da Mind of Traxman". Released on the great label Planet Mu. The album sounds great with cool mixing skills! Songs like "Calling all freaks", "Slip Fall", "Let there be Rockkkkk", "Going wild", "Sound filed", "The comeback 2011" and "Lifeeeee is for ever" are amazing tracks! It sounds electronics like from all over the world with some cool hip hop tunes, some asian/arabic (?) music twist and rock!

Traxman - "Slip fall"

And if you want to see Traxman working check these links. The sound quality is not so good in these videos, but you can see that he is an awesome DJ!

You can check his music at (Da mind of Traxman) or from SoundCloud. There's also a cool 90's music mixtape from him there!

Check also the compilation album "Bangs and works vol. 2 - The best of Chicago footwork". Check this quick playlist of the album. Check also the vol.1 ! It's great stuff!

RP Boo - "Total darkness"

DJ Elmoe - "Whea yo ghost at whea yo dead man"

DJ Trouble - "Mosh pit"

DJ Nate - "Ima dog"

Check also a good documentary about Chicago's juke music.

"From Jack to Juke: 25 years of ghetto house"
directed by Sonali Aggarwal

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Die Antwoord

Die Antwoord is a hip hop slash almost everything possible imaginable, group from Capetown, South Africa. It has three members: Ninja, Yo-Landi Vi$$er and DJ Hi-Tek. Their debut album $O$ was released 2009 and newest one is Ten$ion (2012). The first song I got to hear from them was "I fink u freeky". And then for one week I had the line "I fink u freeky and I like it a lot" playing in my head! It's a crazy song, with a crazy video. But it's an awesome song! And the singer looks uber scary with the black contact lenses. You can check the webpage of the band here:

Die Antwoord - "I fink u freeky"

Die Antwoord - "Rich bitch"

This one is such addicting song! Awesome!
Die Antwoord - "Fatty Boom Boom"

And the live performance of the song from Jimmy Kimmel.

They have made also some cool short films. Here is one.

"Umshini Wam"

Ninjaa! Do something! Just say one thing! Wake up! I need you!

The best Florence + The Machine concert!

Yesterday 3.4 HP UK provided us the broadcast of the live stream from the beautiful concert of Florence + The Machine together with the Royal philharmonic orchestra at Royal Albert Hall. It was a very very special concert for the Teenage Cancer Trust.  /////////// 7.4. UPDATE, Not anymore there but visit this link to the fatm channel to see the full concert! /////////////

Don't know how long they will keep it there online. I think some Flo fan has saved the whole stream. As I watched this concert I was hoping they would make a DVD out of it! It was so special. And I think even better than the soon to be released MTV Unplugged from Flo. The combination of the Royal philharmonic orchestra and Florence is just amazing and breathtaking! Her voice gets so much more space, than usual, and it sounds awesome together with the orchestra! This was the best concert from her!

Here is the setlist of Florence + The Machine at Royal Albert Hall:

You've got the love
Only if for a night
Drumming song
Between two lungs
Breaking down
Cosmic love
All this and heaven too
No light, No light
Never let me go
Dog days
Shake it out

I think this has been so far the best setlist, really well divided. Only still missing the live version of "Remain nameless". Florence told in the beginning that she has never in her life before been so nervous as now. She also remarked many times how incredibly lucky and happy she is to be here (in the Royal Albert Hall). That it is a complete dream. She also mentioned how nice it is to be home!

"You've got the love" live version just keeps getting better every time! With lot of the songs the was a more powerful feeling and it all fitted incredibly well with the orchestra. After the great opening followed "Only if for a night" such a great opening songs both! You got this very graceful and beautiful atmosphere out of it. Every song had more power. And finally I liked also better the "Drumming song", now it had these big orchestra drums that were awesome, bit slower but again more power!

Drumming song

"Heartlines" is still some of my favorites and this time it was also very beautiful, love the vocals! And in this concert it felt that every song was carved even more carefully, sometimes having extra space and time which created this bit dream like beautiful beautiful reality. "Breaking down" also was also better now! It had very beautiful beginning and was also slower which gave it more strength. "Cosmic love" one of my favorites too was super beautifully arranged!

Heartlines. Just keep following the heartlines on your hand!

Florence wanted to dedicate "All this and heaven too" to her family who were also attending the concert. This song got also more power, the beginning was specially beautiful with the choir! In the between of songs Florence also mentioned how she is trying to learn to poise, new word for me too so here is the definition (from

Definition of poise

1            a: balance; especially : to hold or carry in equilibrium
                 <carried a water jar poised on her head>
              b: to hold supported or suspended without motion in a steady position
                 <poised her fork and gave her guest a knowing look — Louis Bromfield > 

2              : to hold or carry (the head) in a particular way
3              : to put into readiness :

And to get the idea I put one picture too. Took 17 screen captures from the concert!

"To hold supported or suspended without motion in a steady position"

She was also asking her self why she has like three water bottles with her and not just one. And mentioned again how happy and lucky she is to be here for this cause (teenage cancer trust). And telling that she has to tell herself not to get distracted by the arches of the hall and forgetting the lyrics.

"No light, No light" had the most amazing harp section in the beginning! This was my favorite from the whole album in the beginning, now it's more! And after this touching song came "Never let me go" which had a powerful build up, such great songs both and after each others! So good song!

Never let me go

Then Florence was mentioning that it was quite long since she played this next song in Royal Albert Hall. She said that at that time she had her gothic bath lady style with big black feather cape and red lipstick.

"Dog days" get's the public always energetic, this time though she didn't do the part asking the crowd to jump with her. Probably also jumping in this dress is not so good idea.  Now the clapping part took the audience.

The closing song of the concert was "Shake it out" which was a good song to end up with.
Beautiful, as always! And in this post I used the word beautiful nine times (and now 10)!
Here's still some of the screen captures.

Heartlines (?)


Pictures belong to the rightful owners, the broadcasters.

I found already a small clip of the concert, it's from the beginning. Just to get the image how awesome it was!

You've got the love!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Florence + The Machine live stream today 3.4 from London

From the Paris concert

Today Tuesday 3.4 is the day that HP will bring us trough YouTube the live stream of Florence + The Machine concert at Royal Albert Hall in London. Don't miss this! They start 8.30pm (British time) so in Netherlands 21.30. You will be able to choose and switch between the cameras yourself! The concert is for Teenage cancer trust. Check the channel here and be prepared for amazing concert!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

V&S: No church on Sunday

Found this trough Lil' Chief records and Princess Chelsea. A beautiful song.

Gay Kings Queen - "No church on Sunday"