Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Florence + The Machine live set from Eindhoven

/////////UPDATE. Wuhuu it's back online! Enjoy while it stays there! I added also some full live sets at the end of this post. From the Hackney Empire, Radio 1 Live lounge, Werchter from 2010 and Live Ex'pression College 2010/////////

I was lucky to find the live set of Florence + The Machine concert from Eindhoven! Such a nice valentine's day surprise! Concert was 1 hour 15 minutes and some really nice person uploaded the whole concert to youtube! Thank you a lot and also to FATM Army!

Florence and the Machine - Valentine's Ceremonials at De Effenaar in Eindhoven Show

The setlist of the concert was:

04:23 Only For The Night
11:17 What The Whater Gave Me
17:08 Cosmic Love
22:35 You've Got The Love
28:20 Never Let Me Go
33:33 Heartlines
39:12 Leave My Body
44:13 All This And Heaven Too
48:17 Shake It Out
53:41 Dog Days Are Over
58:53 Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) 1:07:20 Intro Instrumental
1:08:20 No Light, No Light

The songs that really popped out were: "What the water gave me", "Cosmic love" and the amazing live version of "You've got the love" with electric guitar that sounds so beautiful! And "Never let me go"! Love those moments when Florence is the only voice, it's so beautiful! I could end every sentence with that. Only minus was that sometimes the backup singer was overtaking too much Florence's voice.

I liked better the stronger version of "Heartlines" now it was bit softer and "Leave my body" surprises always positively as "All this and heaven too" also. And the beginning of "Shake it out" the organ sounds so good, playing only one tune. And "Dog days are over" is just such a great song to jump with. "Rabbit heart" is the only song that hasn't hit me like the other songs, even though like the part at 1:02:06 when it starts to grow for the chorus is nice. And a very beautiful live version from "No light, No light" ends the concert. I put here the original music video of "No light, No light". It's beautiful. Can't wait to see her in March in Berlin!

Florence and the Machine - "No light, no light"

Florence and the Machine - Ceremonials Launch at the Hackney Empire - Full set

Florence + The Machine - Full Concert (Radio 1 Live Lounge Special, 2011)

And a older set from 2010.
Florence and The Machine Live@Werchter 2010

Florence + the Machine - Between Two Lungs (Live Ex'pression College 2010)


  1. What a neat review!
    I would love to watch the full show but it is no longer on youtube. If you saved it, could you share?

  2. I didn't save it, have to remember it next time. But the live concert of Flo from Sao Paolo is still online. It doesn't have so good music quatlity but it's still nice!