Saturday, February 25, 2012

Some BASS, please.

After one week without internet I felt like listening some tracks with some bass. Listened also lot of older Prodigy, it's such a energizing band.

It's funny how you feel isolated from the world in a way when you don't have internet. All the small things like checking time tables etc. comes more difficult. Luckily I made some new collections of music for my mp3. Have now one file that has 1,06 gigabytes of music and 124 songs in it. And love it. Listened some Cloud and Gramatik also. These guys are genious!

But now back hunting new sounds! Found some ass kicking tunes! It would be awesome to listen all these songs in a big place and very loud, that you feel the bass tremble.

Working with the moniker Shed, Rene Pawlowitz is a great producer and DJ based in Berlin. He has released two albums before: "Shedding the past" (2008) and "The traveller" (2010).

Shed - "The Praetorian"

Just listening trough the album "Shedding the past" and "Another wedged chicken" is an awesome track with great bass line! "Estrange" has deep bass line trough the whole song. It works almost as a lullaby. "Slowmotion" is a ear crunching song, or at least the beginning of the song. "Flat Axe" is a catching song with this strange ripple effect or how should you call it. It sounds like someone would be opening the drain that was stuck or something, but it sounds very good in this song.

Shed - "Flat Axe"

Shed - "That Beats Everything!"

The newer album "The Traveller" has also great songs.

Shed - "Leave Things"

Shed - "Keep time"

This next song is just awesome! Super. But check this song preferably from Grooveshark.
It's better quality of sound.

Shed - "My R-Class"

Shed has done music also under the name of EQD and is going to release/has released an album Equalized#111.  Don't know yet if it's released.

EQD - "Equalized #001 (A1)"

Check also
EQD - Equalized #003 A.
Found some more cool stuff to share! It's going to be a massive post.

Boddika & Joy Orbison - "Swims"

Boddika & Joy Orbison - "Froth"

Boddika & Joy Orbison - "Mercy"

Pusherman - "Shake it off"

Demdike Stare is formed by Miles Whittaker and Sean Canty. Check the whole "Symbiosis" album,

Demdike Stare - "Hashshashin Chant"

Demdike Stare - "Ghostly hardware"

This one is from the newer album Tryptych (2011).

Demdike Stare - "Past is past"

You can check Demdike Stare's official myspace page here:

I want to end up this post to some hip hop. A really nice remix! Enjoy from the music and dance a lot! Boom!

Jurassic 5 - "Red Hot" Motif live remix

/////////////Re-edit. I think this post was my personal record. I embedded (is that a word) 15 videos of songs into this post. 15! Doing a small dance around while listening Shed. Hmm. And by the way if someone goes here....let me know, and how it was. Would like to go but not sure if I'll have the energy. DISNEYLAND, Alice in Underground @ Perron 00.00. Tickets 10 e.//////////

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