Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy holidays to everybody!

I want to wish happy holidays to everybody everywhere with this beautiful
song of Sofia Jannok, Swedish/Sami singer! She's quite amazing! Check also her samian version of Waterloo.

Sofia Jannok - "Irene"

Monday, December 19, 2011

The world starts every day

The world starts every day. Think about it.

Teebs - "Jahara"

Star Slinger - "May I walk with you"

May I walk with you?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The awkward silence

I watched a music video. The awkward silence. People sit. People watch.

There's awkward silences everywhere. In a waiting queue, in a elevator, in a city hall, in a cafeteria. In conversation. Sometimes I have the feeling that these silent moments turn not to be awkward, the opposite of it. Sometimes you can see and feel more than so so many words in these silent moments. Eyes.

Who dares to brake the awkwardness and breath when everybody else is keeping their breath? So much and many people keep this silence, awkwardness in them. I like awkwardness and I like silence. But sometimes people need to breath. The whole life can't be just keeping the breath.

I devote this music video for awkward silences.
For those small moments.
That change the world.

Lykke Li - "Sadness is a blessing"

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Karl Zéro - X-Files - Songs

I been watching lot of X-files, some of my favorite series. Just watched the episode called "Improbable" from season nine. The episode opens with a view over a casino table with players and Karl Zero's "Ca va ca va". When you are used to watch some favorite series of yours you get used to the music what they use. In X-files Mark Snow makes mostly all the music and outside music is used rarely. Because usually it's about empty, dark backyards, dark holes in the ground, in the attic, in a empty factory, what kind of music should a serial killer have?

Here is a very useful link if you want to know other songs what they used in the series.

Sometimes the scariest combinations come when you have something totally opposite. Like in one episode called "Invocation" from season eight with the song "All the pretty little horses" which is a children's lullaby. This was the closest version I could find.

Alfred Deller - "All the pretty little horses"

But back to Karl Zero, here is the opening song. Just imagine this song and X-Files. Together.

Karl Zéro - "Ca va ca va"

And a small X-Files video from the episode Improbable
with the song "I love you for sentimental reasons"


One other episode I remember well is "Triangle" where Mulder gets stuck to Queen Anne boat in the Bermuda triangle. The episode has amazing music in it.

"Sing, Sing, Sing In Swing" by Louis Prima (for Benny Goodman)

"Jeepers Creepers" by Ethel Waters

Check also Dick Walters: "Hot Liquorice".

And small clips from one of my favorite X-files episodes.
"How the ghosts stole Christmas"

And the second one.

And the episode ended with a Christmas song "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" by Bing Crosby. But I think the version of Judy Garland (From the Wizard of Oz) is better.

But I have to end this post with this, quite legendary tune by Mark Ayres.
And to the poster that is also quite legendary.

The truth is out there!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Austra. The LIVE experience.

I saw Austra live yesterday at Rotown! They were amazing! Singer Katie Stelmanis has amazing voice. I think Austra is even better to listen live. They had some massive drums, that took almost over her voice. The twin back up singers Sari and Romy Lightman were great. At the keyboards there was Ryan Wosniak and in the drum's if I got it right Maya Postepski. They played songs from the "Feel it break" album and I think one new one. The release date for the deluxe version of this album will be 13th December. The double cd will also include among the others songs like "Believe me" the stunning cover of Roy Orbison's "Crying".

I was so happy to hear "Lose it" and "Beat and the pulse" live. The beginning of beat and the pulse is just awesome. It captures. I had the chance to say shortly to Stelmanis how great the gig was and said how amazing the Crying cover is and the acoustic versions that were done in the Paper bag session. She felt like a really nice person and appreciated the feedback. This time I dared to ask her in a picture with me so now I have a great memory from the gig! Was just too nervous to smile, but on the way back cycling home I was just smiling big time and happy from the concert.

Austra - Lose it - Live from End of the road festival (UK)

Austra - Beat and the pulse (live from Amsterdam)

Austra - Crying

The whole lyrics, very beautiful ones:

I was all right for a while, I could smile for a while
But I saw you last night, you held my hand so tight
As you stopped to say "Hello"
Aw you wished me well, you couldn't tell

That I'd been crying over you, crying over you
Then you said "so long". left me standing all alone
Alone and crying, crying, crying crying
It's hard to understand but the touch of your hand
Can start me crying

I thought that I was over you but it's true, so true
I love you even more than I did before but darling what can I do
For you don't love me and I'll always be

Crying over you, crying over you
Yes, now you're gone and from this moment on
I'll be crying, crying, crying, crying
Yeah crying, crying, over you

Just amazing!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Jean Sibelius - Good independence day Finland!

Finland became independent 6.12 1917.

Jean Sibelius (1865-1957) is the most well known Finnish composer. Here you can find more info about him:

Jean Sibelius: "Finlandia"

You can find the lyrics from here, they were not part of the original song but later composed. (Finnish, Swedish and English translations):

Jean Sibelius: "Valse triste"

Monday, December 5, 2011

Traffic. An ending.

Traffic is an amazing movie. The end scene stuck into my mind for ever. Kids are playing baseball and in the back plays "An Ending" from Brian Eno. Eno is some of the biggest names ever in the electronic/ambient music. Like the grandfather of this music. More about him later.

Brian Eno: "An Ending"

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Austra soon live!

I have the great oppoturnity to see Austra live in Rotown coming Wednesday 7.12. Tickets are only 11e and the band starts 21.30. Austra is a Canadian band. You can find a longer post from them from my blog. I found some amazing acoustic versions of couple of their songs, that are just breathtaking.

Paperbag sessions: Austra: "Believe me"

Paperbag sessions: Austra: "Lose it"

"Don’t wanna lose you
Don’t wanna lose 
Don’t wanna lose you
Don’t wanna lose 

I never knew you
I never knew
I never knew you
I never knew"

Monday, November 28, 2011

Susanne Sundfør live

I had the luck to see last weekend Susanne Sundfør live in De Unie at Rotterdam. The concert place was a quite small hall with very minimalistic stage. White canvas behind, keyboards in the front. Behind the canvas there were some plastic birds that gave beautiful shades into the canvas with lights.

From the first song on, Sundfor captured her audience totally. Everybody was listening so carefully and quiet. It's a bit surreal feeling to sit in a concert and feel how quiet the audience is. It was like everybody is falling into a dream where the artist is the only guide leading out. She played songs from her both albums. There was one song with some really cool synth stuff, noise, I would say. It is beautiful to see how she could everything out from her keyboard, it transformed into multimachine.

I liked a lot to hear her live, without the extra stuff that she has on the album. The live concert was very pure and simple so it became very touching concert. You could hear the words lot better.

Afterwards the concert she was selling her cds and signing them. It was amazing to have the chance to say to her personally how great voice she has.

After this kind of concert you feel empty but happy. I felt that I have heard some of the most beautiful music.

"There are echoes in the garden is anybody listening 
There are echoes lost in the garden is anybody listening 
They whisper: 
The ones who are only living are the ones who are only dying"

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bit About Moby

Moby was the first artist I totally fell in love with. His music was just amazing. Play was the greatest album. Listened it countless times and if  I should still say one of the most remarkable albums that were very important to me it would be Play. Also some earlier Moby songs. Haven't still listened the latest Moby album Destroyed. Just listened it a bit and sounds like Moby is coming back to the roots of his music which is great! But here's some old school Moby songs..

One very very beautiful is this.
Moby - "When it's cold I'd like to die

"Where were you when I was lonesome?
Locked away with freezing cold
Someone flying only stolen
I can't tell this light so old

I don't want to swim the ocean
I don't want to fight the tide
I don't want to swim forever
When it's cold I'd like to die

What was that my sweet sweet nothing?
I can't hear you through the fog
If I holler let me go
If I falter let me know"

Moby - "My weakness"

This videoclip is special one. It's from X-Files from episode
called "Closure" that is when Mulder get to the end for his search for his sister, Samantha.

Moby - "In this world"

Moby - "Feeling so real"
I was so happy to hear this song live. Amazing! Originally from the 90's

S&V Western

Did some browsing through of on links from my bookmarks, found lot of strange music videos. But this one was fun. Ennio Morricone: "For a few dollars more"  theme with jumping eyes of Clint Eastwood. I regard Ennio Morricone as the best western movies music composer. He's watching everybody!

Check also the legendary Man with a harmonica - Once upon a time in the west song

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Florence - Track by track interview of Ceremonials

Here's a great interview where Florence talks and tells about each song on Ceremonials album. It's great!
Thanks to FATM army for adding this into youtube!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Something beautiful with light and sound from GLOW Eindhoven

This is a performance, part of it from GLOW light festival 2010 in Eindhoven. This year there was also some amazing light installations. I was not there myself, but hear lot of positive stuff.
Hope to be part of it next year. Organ music is something quite different, it should be listened in big churches, where it has the space. I like its massive and over powering sound. Listen especially the part from 4:16 to 5:50. Very beautiful.

Michel Suk: Rejoice in the Lamb,
Philips Philharmonisch Koor

And the second part of it:

And some impression pictures from GLOW:

This year the students of TU Eindhoven made some tesla coil songs:

Check some more videos by searching youtube: glow eindhoven

Friday, November 18, 2011

No light, no light video released!

New video "No light, no light" has been released today from Florence + The Machine. It's strong and powerful song so the video is also. You can see it here:

"No light, no light"

The tickets for Ceremonials tour are now on sale! I was on time for tickets in Amsterdam, but didn't get any so decoded to buy one for Berlin concert! So nice to see Florence + The Machine and to see a beautiful city!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Finnish A cappella

Couldn't wait to post this song. It's very special, it's sung in a cappella so using only your own voice. It's a famous a cappella group from Finland called Rajaton and they are singing "Valse Triste" which is composed by Jean Sibelius, the most famous Finnish composer. It is quite astonishing! Check more about Rajaton

Rajaton: "Valse Triste"

Jean Sibelius: "Valse triste"

There's also FORK, it's another Finnish A cappella group, they sing more covers of well known pop songs, but they are great also. Very different from Rajaton. The newest group member is Anna Asunta, second from the left, before her Silva Lillrank was singing in the group. And I have to admit Lillrank was better. But Anna has nice voice too. From the left Kasper Ramström, Anna Asunta, Jonte Ramsten and Mia Hafrén. Check out more about them

FORK: "Bohemian rhapsody"

FORK with the Pink Noise -show

Fork: "So What" (cover Pink)

This song made me smile today.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Finally the review of Ceremonials. Prepared my self with watching first some old Florence + The Machine music videos. Like Dog days, You've got the love and Cosmic love. What stuns me always with this band is how well they have thought all the details, even the smallest ones. This band is very visual. Even the booklet of the album is full of amazing pictures, everything is thought well. And I find it always great when you go to see a concert that you can see something that is bit out of this world or gives you that feeling. And Florence + The Machine gives this.

Here's one nice interview of Florence in an Australian radio Nova. She answers to some questions about Ceremonials.

Ceremonials was a very waited second album from this British band. You could follow the live stream from the album launch party all over the world from internet. And the album rose to the first place on several charts.

Ceremonials is a very different album from Lungs. As Florence told in the interviews that this album is more one. Where Lungs was more separate songs, this is more in a unison. And it's also recorded in one place, in Abbey road with one producer. What struck me on the first listening was the strong drums, they are more massive! And I think this gives a lot more kick to the songs and fits very well together with Florence's voice that is quite hard. This album has also more colors in it, it has darker songs and brighter songs, it travels through something, a story. This album I want to hear in a big concert and jump with all the others with the songs!

The songs which caught my attention at first were "Shake it out", "What the water gave me". What the water gave me was a funny thing, when I first heard it with the video I was like noo, this is something else, I didn't quite like it, but as I listened it couple times it sounded better, but still there's something in that song. Can't say I would miss something from it, just don't know. Something.

"Never let me go". never lets me go....This song I played a lot. For me it is the best song from this album. It's stunning with it's sound and power it has. I think this song means lot to many people in many different ways. And that I find a very beautiful thing with songs. You can feel them, in your own way, and every way is the right one and it still doesn't loose its power.

Here's part of the lyrics.

"Well it came up from underneath, 

Fractured moonlight on the sea

Reflections still look the same to me, 
As before I went under.

And it's peaceful in the deep, 

Cathedral where you can not breathe, 
No need to pray, no need to speak 'now I am under'.

And it's breaking over me, 

A thousand miles onto the sea bed, 
I found the place to rest my head.

Never let me go, never let me go.

Never let me go, never let me go.

And the arms of the ocean are carrying me, 

And honest devotion was rushing out of me, 
And the crushes of heaven, for a sinner like me, 
But the arms of the ocean delivered me."

More lyrics:

With "Breaking down" I get this feeling like listening an old favorite song that comes from the radio again and makes you happy. "Lover to lover" goes bit through my ears and out. It's nice, but yea. I miss something. "

"No light, no light" is another great song from the album. I liked the live version a lot. It is a very strong song. This song was my first favorite from the album. It has very beautiful lyrics, this is only part of them:

"You are the hole in my head

You are the space in my bed

You are the silence in between 
What I thought and what I said

You are the night time fear

You are the morning when it's clear
When it's over, you will start
You're my head, you're my heart

No light, no light in your bright blue eyes

I never knew daylight could be so violent
A revelation in the light of day
You can't choose what stays and what fades away
And I'll do anything to make you stay"

More lyrics:

"Seven devils" starts with haunting sounds. It's a very different kind of Flo-song. But it has something quite catchy in it. Something mysterious. It grows into a orchestra like piece of music.

"Heartlines" Was a song that also struck me. It is great! It is powerful song. This I want to hear in a big group raising my hand and singing out loud together with everybody:

"Just keep following the heartlines on your hand
Keep it up, I know you can

Just keep following the heartlines on your hand
Cause I am"

"Spectrum" will be the party song from this album I think. It has very catchy drums! When I listen this I get bit of a feeling of a mix of Flo and some old american singer, like Roy Orbison or someone else. I see this song being played very loud and the people jumping up and singing loud "Say my name!"...And every colour illuminates, We are shining, And we'll never be afraid again."

The second last song from the album "All this and heaven too". I don't know neither what I miss with it, but something. The last song "Leave my body" is a great song to end the album with. It has big sound in it.

I was happy that I waited for couple days more to get the Deluxe version of Ceremonials, that has a bonus cd with some extra songs and acoustic versions. I was shocked to find the "Remain nameless" on the bonus cd, it should be on the actual album! It is amazing! It the favorite together with the "Never let me go". It has more electronic feel in it and I like it very much. I think this same bit more electronic touch could have worked also very nice on the actual album. Remain nameless is very addictive song, I played it on repeat for lot of lot times. Don't like the lyrics videos, but it had the best sound quality from the other youtube uploads.

"Remain nameless"

" I was born in a big gray cloud
Screaming out a love song
All the broken chords and unnamed cries
What a place to come from

I wish to remain nameless
And live without shame
'Cause what's in a name, Oh
I still remain the same

You can call it what you want
You can call me anything you want
You can call us what you want 
You can call me anything you want

Everybody lets you down
In this brief hole of a town
What a difference of the rushing out
Tell me what you're running from

I know everybody lets you down
I'll do the same
But know I'll always be around
This can remain the same

Call me when you need me
Call me anything you want
Darling, believe me 
Nothing I haven't done before "

"Bedroom Hymns" has kicking drums in it also. I liked a lot the demo version of "What the water gave me" it has some Röyksopp like things in it. It's more rock than the album version with some extra electro kicks. I still like the demo version better! The acoustic version of "Heartlines" is touching, it gives so much more space for Flo's voice. It sounds pretty damn good with the guitar! The acoustic version of "Shake it out" works also very well with guitar! Also the acoustic version of "Breaking down" works out beautifully!

There has been announced already some tour dates for the coming year in Europe! Check them out!

1 April 2012 She will be playing in Paradiso, Amsterdam! Pre-sale starts on the 18th November!

Florence + The Machine: Shake it out

And just read the news that this Friday the 18th Nov. The music video of No light no light will be published. And here is the official teaser of it:

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Soon the review of Ceremonials!

Finally I bought the double cd version of "Ceremonials" by Florence and the Machine. It's great! But the strange thing is that I have been playing more the second cd that has couple songs that didn't go to the actual album and some beautiful acoustic versions. What I really felt from the album was the nice drums, lot more than in the first album Lungs. Have to listen the album couple times more through and then I'll write review about it. Somehow I like also better the demo version of "What the water gave me" it has more different kind of kick in it and more electro sounds!

But here's my ultimate favorite from the second cd and almost also from the Ceremonials side:

"Remain nameless"

And I found a really nice behind the scenes -video about creating the album. Check it out: Then you'll know also how it sounds when a zombies head is cut off.

And  a small update. Just found the videoclips from the Channel4 special launch Hackey gig videos with some interviews on it. Check them out here. Thanks for the FATM army for uploading them for people outside UK. first part second part

Monday, November 7, 2011

S&V (One song, One video): Emika - Double edge

Again a great singer/artist from Ninja Tunes (record label). Check out more about the artist:

Emika - "Double Edge"

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Gil Scott Heron and a song for All saints day

In Finland we don't celebrate so much halloween. We have more the all saints day, pyhäinpäivä. And I found a perfect song and video for them both. Here you can find more about this interesting artist:

He passed away May 2011, but did still 2010 over 100 gigs. Check his last album, after 16 years brake in 2010 he released "I'm New Here". There's also very great remix version of this album done by Jamie xx and it's called Gil Scott Heron and Jamie xx: "We're new here"

Gil Scott Heron - "Me and the devil"

This song has also quite heavy but beautiful lyrics:

leaving grief beyond compare
so if you see the vulture coming
flying circles in your mind
remember their is no escaping
for he will follow close behind

only promise me a battle
a battle
for your soul and mind
and mine
and mine

Gil Scott Heron and Jamie xx - "I'll take care of you"

Gil Scott Heron and Jamie xx - "I'm new here"

I did not become someone different
That I did not want to be
But I'm new here
Will you show me around

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

One song, one video

I just found this one. It's great with a beautiful video.

.....Catch a fire, catch a fire, start a fire, burn a fire...

The Bug: "Catch a fire"

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Finnish Old School

Oh my. Sorry for the longer break. Went to Finland. So now it's going to be some Finnish old school music post and very awesome songs! All these people were big stars long ago, around 50's 60's in Finland. And they are still great because they have style and glamour in them!

Pirkko Mannola is a very famous Finnish iskelmälaulaja, singer that sings hit songs, also an actress and she won the title of Miss Finland in 1958. She became also the second in the competition tv format Dancing with the stars in 2009 in Finland. She can sing in many languages and sung also Finnish versions of international hits. Some of my favorites are the following songs:

Pirkko Mannola - Tytön tie (1961)

Pirkko Mannola - Oi mitkä tunteet (So soviel liebe)

And very famous cover from "Itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini" - "Pikku pikku bikinissä"
original was done by Brian Hyland.

One song from Helena Siltala - "Ranskalaiset korot"

Laila Kinnunen (1939-2000) was very famous hit singer from the 50's and 60's. Here's some my faves.

Laila Kinnunen - "Kellä kulta sillä onni"(Everybody loves a lover)

Kinnunen made also a cover of "Bei mir bist du schön" but I like more the cover of Arvi Tikkala (1906-1940) from that song. He was in the 1930's the forth most records published hit singer artist in Finland. He was also an actor. His career ended because he had to go to the Winter war against The Soviet Union (30.11.1939-13.3.1940as so many other Finns at that time. And he died in the battle field just 10 days before the war ended at the age of 33.

Arvi Tikkala - "Sä kaunehin oot"

Harmony Sisters was the first ever hit song group in Finland in the mid 1930's. It was a group of three sisters Vera, Maire and Raija Valtonen. From the "living archive" of Yleisradio you can listen some of the great songs from them: "Sataman valot", "O Josef Josef", "Kodin Kynttilät", "Sulle salaisuuden kertoa mä voisin" and "Kielon jäähyväiset"

And very nice video (in Finnish) where they told how they met their composer George de Godzinsky in a elevetor in Viipuri.

Harmony Sisters - "Lumikki" (Snow white) 1938

and cover of "Whistle while you work" - "Laulaen työtäs tee"

Oskar Merikanto (1868-1924) was a very famous and is still famous composer and musician in Finland. One of the dearest songs, at least most well known for many Finns is "Kesäillan valssi". I listened to this when I was really small when one of my relatives used to play this to me on piano.

Check also another blog with some posts (In Finnish) about old Finnish songs

Hyvää yötä!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ben Frost - Haunting sound

Iceland Dance Company: Transaquania: Into Thin Air

The music for this video is done by Ben Frost and Valdimar Jóhansson.
Ben Frost is Australian musician, composer and producer. He lives in Reykjavik, Iceland. He has released: "Music for sad children" 2001, "Steel wound" 2003, "School of emotional engineering: Self titled" 2005, "Theory of Machines" 2007 and "By the throat" 2009. I found him because of this dance video clip. I just found him so I don't know yet a lot from his work, but it's awesome!

Said about his work:

"’s compelling, mystifying, disturbing, and beautiful... When the record ends, you’ll wonder where you are, how much time has passed, and whether you ever want to feel this way again." -The Agit Reader"


"Understanding why it hurts"


Go to check and search more about him and his songs:

Some words about him at his homepage:

"Boomkat named Frost "one of the most interesting and groundbreaking producers in the world today" and even went so far as to call Theory of Machines "the future of electronic music" "

What other press has said about him:

From Valdimar Jóhansson I was only able to find this:

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Susanne Sundfør

I found something amazingly beautiful, haunting and touching. I haven't heard anything like this for a very very long time. It's bit like, no I don't start to compare. She has some of the most amazing and captivating voice I have ever heard. After three songs I ordered two her latest albums and this has happened only with Wende Snijders before. She's from Norway, she's 25 years old, she likes a-ha and Cat Stevens, she has released three albums and she's coming to play a concert in Rotterdam - De Unie Saturday 26th November 21:00, tickets 10 euros.

She's Susanne Sundfør.

This is what the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet said about her: "Så bra at andre norske artister kommer til å begynne å grine." So good that the other Norwegian artists are going to start crying.

Her released albums are: The debut album "Susanne Sundfør" 2007, "Take One" 2008 and "The Brothel" 2010. The first song I listened was by accident the "Mitt Lille Land" in the memorial concert for the victims of the massacre in Oslo.

And then I listened "Black Widow"

And third "Father Father"

After these three songs I knew enough. When I hear something this beautiful I'm just mesmerized by the strenght of the voice and sound.

"The Brothel"

Check more of here songs: Especially "O Master", "Interlude", "I Resign", "The Dance", "Knight of Noir", "Lullaby", "It's all gone tomorrow" and "As I walked out one"

To listen more from Susanne Sundfoer check these links:

And buy your tickets to her concert in Rotterdam here: