Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The best Florence + The Machine concert!

Yesterday 3.4 HP UK provided us the broadcast of the live stream from the beautiful concert of Florence + The Machine together with the Royal philharmonic orchestra at Royal Albert Hall. It was a very very special concert for the Teenage Cancer Trust.  /////////// 7.4. UPDATE, Not anymore there but visit this link to the fatm channel to see the full concert! /////////////

Don't know how long they will keep it there online. I think some Flo fan has saved the whole stream. As I watched this concert I was hoping they would make a DVD out of it! It was so special. And I think even better than the soon to be released MTV Unplugged from Flo. The combination of the Royal philharmonic orchestra and Florence is just amazing and breathtaking! Her voice gets so much more space, than usual, and it sounds awesome together with the orchestra! This was the best concert from her!

Here is the setlist of Florence + The Machine at Royal Albert Hall:

You've got the love
Only if for a night
Drumming song
Between two lungs
Breaking down
Cosmic love
All this and heaven too
No light, No light
Never let me go
Dog days
Shake it out

I think this has been so far the best setlist, really well divided. Only still missing the live version of "Remain nameless". Florence told in the beginning that she has never in her life before been so nervous as now. She also remarked many times how incredibly lucky and happy she is to be here (in the Royal Albert Hall). That it is a complete dream. She also mentioned how nice it is to be home!

"You've got the love" live version just keeps getting better every time! With lot of the songs the was a more powerful feeling and it all fitted incredibly well with the orchestra. After the great opening followed "Only if for a night" such a great opening songs both! You got this very graceful and beautiful atmosphere out of it. Every song had more power. And finally I liked also better the "Drumming song", now it had these big orchestra drums that were awesome, bit slower but again more power!

Drumming song

"Heartlines" is still some of my favorites and this time it was also very beautiful, love the vocals! And in this concert it felt that every song was carved even more carefully, sometimes having extra space and time which created this bit dream like beautiful beautiful reality. "Breaking down" also was also better now! It had very beautiful beginning and was also slower which gave it more strength. "Cosmic love" one of my favorites too was super beautifully arranged!

Heartlines. Just keep following the heartlines on your hand!

Florence wanted to dedicate "All this and heaven too" to her family who were also attending the concert. This song got also more power, the beginning was specially beautiful with the choir! In the between of songs Florence also mentioned how she is trying to learn to poise, new word for me too so here is the definition (from

Definition of poise

1            a: balance; especially : to hold or carry in equilibrium
                 <carried a water jar poised on her head>
              b: to hold supported or suspended without motion in a steady position
                 <poised her fork and gave her guest a knowing look — Louis Bromfield > 

2              : to hold or carry (the head) in a particular way
3              : to put into readiness :

And to get the idea I put one picture too. Took 17 screen captures from the concert!

"To hold supported or suspended without motion in a steady position"

She was also asking her self why she has like three water bottles with her and not just one. And mentioned again how happy and lucky she is to be here for this cause (teenage cancer trust). And telling that she has to tell herself not to get distracted by the arches of the hall and forgetting the lyrics.

"No light, No light" had the most amazing harp section in the beginning! This was my favorite from the whole album in the beginning, now it's more! And after this touching song came "Never let me go" which had a powerful build up, such great songs both and after each others! So good song!

Never let me go

Then Florence was mentioning that it was quite long since she played this next song in Royal Albert Hall. She said that at that time she had her gothic bath lady style with big black feather cape and red lipstick.

"Dog days" get's the public always energetic, this time though she didn't do the part asking the crowd to jump with her. Probably also jumping in this dress is not so good idea.  Now the clapping part took the audience.

The closing song of the concert was "Shake it out" which was a good song to end up with.
Beautiful, as always! And in this post I used the word beautiful nine times (and now 10)!
Here's still some of the screen captures.

Heartlines (?)


Pictures belong to the rightful owners, the broadcasters.

I found already a small clip of the concert, it's from the beginning. Just to get the image how awesome it was!

You've got the love!


  1. There's a DVD of what I believe to be this show that's popped up recently. It's a bootleg called Cosmoc Heaven. I found it randomly on eBay and had no idea what it was, so of course I ordered it. A little research got me here. I'm really hoping this is the show on the DVD, and that my American PS3 will play it. It's shipping from Canada, but the disc seems to be produced in Germany. You can find copies here and there online. There was still one on eBay earlier, so you may want to check there depending on availability in your area (I'm assuming UK).

  2. Did you end up finding the live Remain Nameless?