Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Listen, record and repeat after me! And Now Wow. borrowed from one nice Belgium/French clown with a nice accent. She was cool! ANYhows something else! I got totally stuck into this ONE song today. After playing Loreen's Euphoria like 8 times a day. And still playing that also. Now on repeat is also song from Major Lazer.

Thanks to NOW WOW fest I found this song that was used on their trailer. Later on more about the party!
Here it comes - uber strange mix of different styles; reggae, hip hop, some southern vibes, reggaeton...

Major Lazer - "Get Free"

How awesome is this song! Here parts of the lyrics:

"Never got love from a government man 
Heading downstream till the levee gives in 

What can i do to get the money 
We ain't go the money, we ain't gettin' out 
Heading downstream till the levee gives in 
And my dreams are wearin' thin 
All I need's relief 
I need I need some sympathy 

Look at me 
I Just can't believe 
What they've done to me 
We could never get free 
I just wanna be 

I just wanna dream 
All of my life been wadin in 
Water so deep now we got to swim 
Wonder will it ever end 
How long how long till we have a friend 
Comin' down, feelin' like a battery hen 
Waves won't break till the tide comes in 
What will I do in the sunrise 
What will I do without my dreams 

Look at me 
I Just can't believe 
What they've done to me 
We could never get free 
I just wanna be 

I just wanna dream 
We're all together in the same boat 
I know you, you know me 
Baby, you know me 
I Just wanna dream"

And then about the party! NOW WOW is a different kind of a party. Haven't been to it yet, but planning to go next time when it is in Rotterdam Maassilo 9th June. I think it will be quite awesome!

Shortly from the webpage:

"Full of sparkling stage settings, endowed with a raw, industrial feel, the inspiration will flow. Performance art, pop and electronic music in a lifestyle and mindstyle setting. Indeed, Now & Wow Fest is like a living magazine."

Here is the webpage of the party!
And a link into Beesmunt Soundsystems mixtape from Now Wow:

And with this picture (From Now Wow, and not me, but it's awesome)
I want to send greetings to all the readers of my blog because:

Today 29th May my blog had it's 1st year birthday!

Hiepede piiip, hyvää syntymäpäivää!

I have posted so far 131 posts, the all time pageviews are 4,428. Seems like the favorite post so far is the Marilyn Monroe with 1,687 views (searched with the funniest versions of different spelling) and just after that Loreen 392. I have had visitors or just randomly lost people from all over the world, for example; Georgia, Bangladesh also (if I remember right), India, Azerbaijan, United states, Finland, Russia, Pakistan, Australia...

Big thank you to everybody! Now let's spread the word!


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