Monday, May 30, 2011

IDM, cybergrind, bhangramuffin, acid, - Pardon what?

From Wikipedia
Intelligent dance music (commonly IDM) is a term that describes an electronic music genre that emerged in the early 1990s. Stylistically, IDM tends to rely upon individualistic experimentation rather than on a particular set of musical characteristics.

But how is IDM intelligent? What makes it intelligent? Do people perceive it somehow more intelligent? I think so often people label their choices. Labeling doesn't really bring us anywhere, it might give a feeling of that we are in order, controlling things, but not. I don't know what makes IDM intelligent or how can you dance into it.

Here's some of mine favorites from the list:
"Pow-wow  Native American dance music"
"Bhangragga, Bhangramuffin is a slang term for the style of music incorporating elements of Bhangra and dancehall (or Ragga, short for the word Raggamuffin)"
"Funeral doom - an extremely slow version of doom metal, most commonly made at the pace of a funeral march."

I would like to see the face of the librarian when I go to ask the newest funeral doom album or some swinging bhangramuffin from the cafeteria. And we Scandinavians have proudly made also one! Jaiks it's a mouse...skwee! Which might have been the way how they came up with the name, have the slightest idea.

"Skweee is a musical style, with origin in Sweden and Finland. Skweee combines simple synth leads and basslines with funk, r'n'b or soul-like rhythms, overall rendering a stripped-down funky sound."

For me it sounded totally nuts but I don't care! I think what counts in the end how we hear ourselves the music. What happens in us when we hear certain type music?
Is it slow, fast, is it changing often or does the tune stay same, or is it just a chaos of noise.

I think everybody themselves should have their own labels for music; "This is music what makes me happy, sad, this music I cant dance to, this music makes me feel peaceful, lonely." etc..
We should know ourselves the words for the feelings what music brings to us. To use adjectives instead of these label words that doesn't open to other people. I always find my self stunned when somebody starts to talk to me about trip hop or acid for example.
I want to hear it myself, then I can make my own definition.
Because everybody perceives things differently and that's a very good thing to keep in mind.

For me I feel most often the music what I'm listening first my body physically, the beat. As a atmosphere, fast or slow. I don't pay attention so often into lyrics as first, but after couple times of listening certain song I can be totally stuck with the lyrics. Mostly the songs what I listen don't have any lyrics, then I can decide myself  what the song is saying to me. I like when you have the freedom of imagination! People should use their imagination more often! Movements come  fast in me with music. You start to think what could you do here and there in the music. Dancing is good for everybody, it's like writing, you choose how you fill the pages or stage.

Think what is that music brings to you! Why do you listen songs you listen and not something else? Why do you like music?

I want to end the post with a "IDM" song from Abfahrt Hinwil, Swiss duo of Martin Haidinger, Chris Cunningham. From the album Everything Is Green: Of 1.

Myspace site of Abfahrt Hinwil

Good night!

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