Thursday, May 10, 2012

Forever and a day, we'll dream our lives away.

Found some nice songs. The Magnetic fields is an American indie band. Didn't hear any songs from them before. They have quite sweet songs!

The Magnetic fields - "Quick!"

Listen also this one, there were no good quality versions in YouTube but check it from bands MySpace site. Listened this already three times, sweet! Here's a part of the lyrics I listened from the song.

"Forever and a day, well dream our lives away.
Our love is here to stay, marry me. I'll give you every color of the rainbow,
they say it can't be done but what do they know.
You'll never be alone, you are my silly sine qua non and I'm a bariton, marry me."

The Magnetic fields - "Forever and a day"

And back to some beats!

DZA - "Surrender (Mujuice remix)"

And my laptop doesn't want to co-operate anymore with me so I'll write the rest of the post later!

DZA - "Finger Snaps ( SHIGETO REMIX )"

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