Wednesday, May 30, 2012

KiT - Kuenta i Tambú

Kuenta i Tambú is a band for the summer. They make crazy tropic dance music! I had the chance to see them live at Dunya festival in Rotterdam. Was very happy to see the band, was the best of the festival I think! Listening them makes everybody move, I got this feeling that I could just dance one summer night only to their music. They had some insanely fast beats too! I get happy listening this music! I heard this one cool song that had some tetris sounds in it, unfortunately couldn't find it from internet, but found some other cool songs.

The band members are: Vernon Chatlein, Roel CalisterMonica Mao-Cheia and Roderick Volk.

KiT - "Ban Selebr'é"

KiT - "Wan Polisa"

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