Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Florence + The Machine: Spectrum video out!

The new Florence + The Machine music video "Spectrum" is online! It is directed by David Lachapelle and John Byrne. It is filled with shining lights, ballerinas, mermaids, glitter outfits and a very strange hair design. Remember to watch the video in HD, you get it from the small button down in the youtube video box.

Florence + The Machine - "Spectrum"

Anyhows after seeing it two times I find it better that the video for "Never let me go", even though you shouldn't compare them because they are so different songs. I get this old theater feeling from the blinking lights and the chandelier. I like the way of using the light in the video. It's funny that they put Flo sitting on a box of light, I get bit this Lady Gaga - "Born this way" -feeling from it when she's sitting on the throne in the beginning. Actually these two artists have quite a lot common in the styles they have chosen and in the way of working I feel. Both are very visual and innovative artists.

Lady Gaga - "Born this way"

What was the first thing that captures my eyes in "Spectrum" was the strange wig(?) that Florence has. Even though it looks cool when she's throwing her hair I still have bit the image of no offending mean.

But I just can't help the combination in my mind! What I'm missing in the video bit is different colors, now it stays quite a lot bluish. When in the live performances there was this bit church like multicolored windows. I miss more color! Because the song name is also spectrum. I like the costumes more in this video. The long dress looks awesome in the end when Flo is on the floor. But the hair still steals my attention too much. I dislike the "Bvlgari" -moment they had put in at 2:08. Having Flo as sort of a mermaid is kinda cool. It's sort of a mix of Botticelli's "Birth of Venus", indian style headpieces and mermaids.

But Flo already came once out of a shell in a fashion show of Chanel! And how beautiful she looks in that! There's this bit Narnia like feeling in the setting of the fashion show what I like. But the pacing of the walking of the models goes so opposite somehow. They keep this tack tack, when "What the water gave me" is quite peaceful and deep song. But enough from fashion blaadi blaa.

Florence + The Machine - "What the water gave me"

I liked in the "Spectrum" the moment when the ballerinas and others are going crazy at 4:05. It's nice to see that after being all this very graceful and suttle. I would have liked to see more this kind of atmosphere in the video and I think it could have fitted well. Then you get the spectrum of an human being, from very controlled to totally free and with more lights. Now the whole video stays bit distant because of the theater like scenes with all these props. I totally disliked of making this one "mini-florence". I found the image very scary. Seeing Flo in this golden glitter jump suit makes me think totally ABBA.

Check also the Spectrum -performance from X-Factor USA 2011. There are the church multicolor lights!

And here is the behind the scenes of "Spectrum" -video!

Florence + The Machine - Spectrum (Behind The Scenes)

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