Monday, May 28, 2012


Finally a single came out from the forthcoming album "Nude" of The Irrepressibles. After having seen them live some years ago hearing the studio version of "Arrow" was a bit of a disappointment. They had put some awkward drum machine behind that messes up the whole song I think. Because the album name is Nude was also expecting something referring into that. But the video was also bit of an disappointment together with the song. Was a bit of a let down when I know how great the band can be! But furthermore without spoiling before everyone else has seen the video here it is:

The Irrepressibles - "Arrow"

And here is the live version from Holland Festival where I saw them too!

I have the feeling that the live version gives more space to the voice, it's more dreamlike song. Where in the studio version the drum machine totally takes that feeling away.

Holland festival - The Irrepressibles - "Prince"

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