Sunday, May 27, 2012

Eurovision winner: Loreen Euphoria!

Wuhuuuu! Loreen is the Eurovision song contest winner! The right artist won! So happy that she got the prize. It was special because her act was very very different from the other ones! She showed that it's possible to win Eurovision song contest with talent, passion and love in what you do. It's time to renew the old style of Eurovision song contest and she totally did it! Loreen won the competition with 372 points, she had a gap aprox. 110 votes to the Russian entry that came the second. You can check the final results here:

Here is more info about Loreen: She is going to release some time her debut album that is going to be called "Rapture".

Here is a beautiful acoustic version of "My heart is refusing me".

Loreen - "My heart is refusing me"

And here is the original version, that she was competing in the Melodifestivalen 2011

Loreen - "Sober"

Loreen - "She's the one"

There were also held Marcel Bezençon Awards where you have three different categories: (copied from eurovision youtube)

The awards are divided into 3 categories:
* Press Award - Given to the best entry as voted on by the accredited media and press during the event.
* Artistic Award - Presented to the best artist as voted on by the commentators.
* Composer Award - A jury consisting of the participating composers vote for the best and most original composition.

Loreen got the artistic award and the composers of Euphoria got the composer award!

Loreen - "Euphoria" - Live - Grand Final - 2012 Eurovision Song Contest

And here is the performance after winning

And here's a short clip from the winning artist press conference.

A better interview here:

Here is one good interview in English.

Here's one older interview for Gomorron Sverige (Only in Swedish)

Jea and found a video with all her Idol competition songs where she took part in 2004, only in Swedish too.

Check also Loreen's facebook page at and her official homepage: And if you want to watch the whole final again you can see it here:

Tack så mycket!

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