Saturday, October 15, 2011

Susanne Sundfør

I found something amazingly beautiful, haunting and touching. I haven't heard anything like this for a very very long time. It's bit like, no I don't start to compare. She has some of the most amazing and captivating voice I have ever heard. After three songs I ordered two her latest albums and this has happened only with Wende Snijders before. She's from Norway, she's 25 years old, she likes a-ha and Cat Stevens, she has released three albums and she's coming to play a concert in Rotterdam - De Unie Saturday 26th November 21:00, tickets 10 euros.

She's Susanne Sundfør.

This is what the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet said about her: "Så bra at andre norske artister kommer til å begynne å grine." So good that the other Norwegian artists are going to start crying.

Her released albums are: The debut album "Susanne Sundfør" 2007, "Take One" 2008 and "The Brothel" 2010. The first song I listened was by accident the "Mitt Lille Land" in the memorial concert for the victims of the massacre in Oslo.

And then I listened "Black Widow"

And third "Father Father"

After these three songs I knew enough. When I hear something this beautiful I'm just mesmerized by the strenght of the voice and sound.

"The Brothel"

Check more of here songs: Especially "O Master", "Interlude", "I Resign", "The Dance", "Knight of Noir", "Lullaby", "It's all gone tomorrow" and "As I walked out one"

To listen more from Susanne Sundfoer check these links:

And buy your tickets to her concert in Rotterdam here:

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    The songs made together with Royksopp! These are "musthear"!