Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Finnish A cappella

Couldn't wait to post this song. It's very special, it's sung in a cappella so using only your own voice. It's a famous a cappella group from Finland called Rajaton and they are singing "Valse Triste" which is composed by Jean Sibelius, the most famous Finnish composer. It is quite astonishing! Check more about Rajaton

Rajaton: "Valse Triste"

Jean Sibelius: "Valse triste"

There's also FORK, it's another Finnish A cappella group, they sing more covers of well known pop songs, but they are great also. Very different from Rajaton. The newest group member is Anna Asunta, second from the left, before her Silva Lillrank was singing in the group. And I have to admit Lillrank was better. But Anna has nice voice too. From the left Kasper Ramström, Anna Asunta, Jonte Ramsten and Mia Hafrén. Check out more about them

FORK: "Bohemian rhapsody"

FORK with the Pink Noise -show

Fork: "So What" (cover Pink)

This song made me smile today.

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