Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ben Frost - Haunting sound

Iceland Dance Company: Transaquania: Into Thin Air

The music for this video is done by Ben Frost and Valdimar Jóhansson.
Ben Frost is Australian musician, composer and producer. He lives in Reykjavik, Iceland. He has released: "Music for sad children" 2001, "Steel wound" 2003, "School of emotional engineering: Self titled" 2005, "Theory of Machines" 2007 and "By the throat" 2009. I found him because of this dance video clip. I just found him so I don't know yet a lot from his work, but it's awesome!

Said about his work:

"’s compelling, mystifying, disturbing, and beautiful... When the record ends, you’ll wonder where you are, how much time has passed, and whether you ever want to feel this way again." -The Agit Reader"


"Understanding why it hurts"


Go to check and search more about him and his songs:

Some words about him at his homepage:

"Boomkat named Frost "one of the most interesting and groundbreaking producers in the world today" and even went so far as to call Theory of Machines "the future of electronic music" "

What other press has said about him:

From Valdimar Jóhansson I was only able to find this:

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