Thursday, November 10, 2011

Soon the review of Ceremonials!

Finally I bought the double cd version of "Ceremonials" by Florence and the Machine. It's great! But the strange thing is that I have been playing more the second cd that has couple songs that didn't go to the actual album and some beautiful acoustic versions. What I really felt from the album was the nice drums, lot more than in the first album Lungs. Have to listen the album couple times more through and then I'll write review about it. Somehow I like also better the demo version of "What the water gave me" it has more different kind of kick in it and more electro sounds!

But here's my ultimate favorite from the second cd and almost also from the Ceremonials side:

"Remain nameless"

And I found a really nice behind the scenes -video about creating the album. Check it out: Then you'll know also how it sounds when a zombies head is cut off.

And  a small update. Just found the videoclips from the Channel4 special launch Hackey gig videos with some interviews on it. Check them out here. Thanks for the FATM army for uploading them for people outside UK. first part second part

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