Monday, November 28, 2011

Susanne Sundfør live

I had the luck to see last weekend Susanne Sundfør live in De Unie at Rotterdam. The concert place was a quite small hall with very minimalistic stage. White canvas behind, keyboards in the front. Behind the canvas there were some plastic birds that gave beautiful shades into the canvas with lights.

From the first song on, Sundfor captured her audience totally. Everybody was listening so carefully and quiet. It's a bit surreal feeling to sit in a concert and feel how quiet the audience is. It was like everybody is falling into a dream where the artist is the only guide leading out. She played songs from her both albums. There was one song with some really cool synth stuff, noise, I would say. It is beautiful to see how she could everything out from her keyboard, it transformed into multimachine.

I liked a lot to hear her live, without the extra stuff that she has on the album. The live concert was very pure and simple so it became very touching concert. You could hear the words lot better.

Afterwards the concert she was selling her cds and signing them. It was amazing to have the chance to say to her personally how great voice she has.

After this kind of concert you feel empty but happy. I felt that I have heard some of the most beautiful music.

"There are echoes in the garden is anybody listening 
There are echoes lost in the garden is anybody listening 
They whisper: 
The ones who are only living are the ones who are only dying"

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