Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Missing my language - Äidinkielen kaipuu

Today I felt that I was really missing my language, Finnish. When you are living abroad and using your mother tongue maybe like once a week things get different. You use different words than normally, you can be accidently more rude than you would think.

Language is something extremely important to everybody, people just don't understand it sometimes. You communicate with it, you hear it, it's in you. I feel I'm stuck with my English, I use often the same words and when you are not broadening your vocabulary you stick on one level. I miss the richness of speaking in Finnish, using the exact words that I wouldn't know in English or could not be translated. Sticking in this level makes things dull, it makes speech boring and simple. You talk but aren't using the words what you would like to.

Oh and all these words without meaning like "fine, okay, perhaps, good, niin kuin, ehkä, aivan, todennäköisesti" I use these filling words more while speaking English. In Finnish it's more straightforward, you say your thing and that's it. That's why there's no small talk in Finland. It's bit useless, it doesn't really tell anything, it's filling of the air. Or how often people answer into "How are you?" something else than fine or okay. When was then last time somebody answered actually "No, I'm not feeling fine?" and not just fine.

In lot of the songs there are no words. And for a reason. It's good to leave space for the imagination. But if there are words I really want to hear them. I want to have my concentration on it. That's why it's extremely difficult for me to listen any kind of music, words or without, while reading a book. My mind want's to float and go with the music.

Why then there are words in the songs? Do they always add something? I think if there are words they should have a meaning. People want to tell something through songs but very often they fall themselves. There are also lot of these "small talk" songs, songs that don't really have any point. They go in and out of your ears immediately, it feel like hot shower without warm water. You are left pissed up and cold standing outside of the shower with your rubber duck, that you were planning to put to sail in the water, in your hand. That's why I want lyrics to have a meaning. And that's why there are songs like this:

It is a beautiful song called "Veden Alla" by Emma Salokoski Ensemble. Emma Salokoski is one of the best Finnish female singers, she has an amazing voice. From here you can find more songs from this ensemble:

Other extremely good artist is Kimmo Pohjonen, an accordionist from Finland also.

He is rocking the accordion with style! He has played for example with Kronos Quartet and Samuli Kosminen in Uniko. Uniko is a very special performance. Pohjonen has played in many interesting projects like Earth Machine Music which was a perfomance with music made with and sampled from the farming machines. Here is an impression of "Earth Machine Music"

And from "Uniko"

I think this very concert changed my life bit. Kimmo Pohjonen is a big inspiration for me. He's genius. I love Uniko. Now it's also available in cd after loong waiting.

Hyvää yötä!

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