Thursday, February 27, 2014

New releases

Browsed trough some new releases and found some cool stuff. One of my favorite techno artist Kangding Ray aka. David Letellier has released a new album called "Solens Arc". Kangding Ray makes dark and grim techno which will crunch your ears and is the best listened in a big space loud.

Just after quick browse trought the album I have to admit I was bit dissapointed, was waiting something more daring from him. Now the album seems to stay in one spot and doesn't move along. Though the opening track "Serentipity March" is a great track that leads you into a slow overpowering beat. "Amber decay" is just pure extacy for your ears from the beginning till the end! I love how crunchy this artist makes all the beats and the bass.

Check the songs from Bleep: Ray - Solens Arc

Juke is something new still to me, haven't listened really to it before. But checking out Addison Groove - "Presents Jamie Grieve" is totally worth doing! The quick tempo and cool vocals make the album great to dance to. I would totally imagine this album played around three o' clock in the night. Check the songs "Warped", "One fall" and "Malus" which is a kinda breathing break in the album. I have always bit trouble with the vocals in electronic music and I'm very very picky if I like them or hate them. In this album the vocals still stay quit cool and don't become the sugary and boring uuhs and oohs. But well if it's ghetto house you can expect that too..

Addison Groove - "Bad things"

Here's bit info about juke from our all knowing Wikipedia:

Tribal music is also quite new for me. But I think DrumTalk could be a nice way to introduce people to tribal style techno. The album "Time" has two tracks "Time" and "Magnetic". These both tracks would be good tracks for a beginning to get people on the dance floor because of the catchy drum lines.

DrumTalk - From the Boiler room

The next artist I would describe as crazy catchy arcade/space shit, as in a good way!
Bass Clef has a new album out called "Bugbranded". First time ever listening to this artist and must say it's cool, hard to listen perhaps but still catchy. I could listen endlessly the beginning beats of "Sometimes the only way out is to go". "Faster than the speed of love" has a arcade vibe into it, but it takes it into a new level instead of staying in the bleeps and cracks.

Check the album here:

Bass Clef

Rainer Veil does bit Burial inspired music, the album "New Brutalism" sounds like the chilled out version of Burial. Check out the songs "UK will not survive" and "Strangers".  Check out the great live set from the Boiler room under here:

Rainer Veil

SoundCloud of Veil:

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