Thursday, June 12, 2014

No more...laptop problems!

I'm done, I have a new laptop so no I will be able to write posts more often! The new album "I never learn" from Lykke Li is out. Have listen it several times already, will write later a review about it. I think somehow I was waiting little bit more from her but it's nice to notice that her music and songs are somehow more mature now.

Thavius Beck (photo from:

The last finding is Thavius Beck, a California based artist. He does awesome trip hop'ish music. This was the first song I heard from him:

Thavius Beck - "To make manifest"

Somehow this song fits especially well to the time we are living now. It made me think and hopefully others too. "Think, act, now."  Here is a link to his SoundCloud page:

Thavius Beck - "A thousand years"

This next one is a total eargasm, just pure awesomeness! Turn the volume up!
From the Hyberdub label.

Taso & DJ Unya - "Only the strong will survive"

Next one from the same Hyberdub album is also a total killer tune!

DJ Rashad, DJ Earl, Taye: "Bombaklot (Original Mix)"

Also pure gold!

DJ Earl - "I'm gonna get you"

Though I have never been a big fan of drum and bass but this one is awesome, also from DJ Earl.

Check out more of his tracks here:

This next artist Akkord has pretty cool texture in his songs. It makes me miss bit Berlin.

My techno heart starts to beat when I hear this:

and this one too:

Oh I could just link all of his work here... Pangaea is a London based artist. Here is his SoundCloud account:

From the Hotflush recordings:

 South London ordnance - "Sabre"

And his set from the Boiler room

Enjoy listening!

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