Friday, February 28, 2014

News from Lykke Li

Lykke Li has announced that she will release a new album "I never learn" on the may 5th (2014) and that it would be tha last piece in the trilogy of "Youth Novels" and "Wounded rhymes". She has released one song from the forthcoming album carrying the same title name. The new song sounds good with the guitar following trough the song and then the strings coming along and elevating the song. After listening this one I'm definitely looking forward for the new album! I'm just hoping that Lykke Li will not wallow in the sad moody atmosphere throught the whole album.

Lykke Li - "I never learn"

She has also made a song with David Lynch called "I'm waiting here". In the video a car is driving trough an empty road. Song is slow and has the well known style Lykke Li vocals, but somehow it gets bit cheesy with this video, would have maybe needed some more rawness into it.

Lykke Li & David Lynch - "I'm waiting here"

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