Sunday, October 26, 2014


Okay. I should not promise anymore anything here in this blog.. Life happened and I went to Greece for four months. Now back in Berlin. And I would like to write about some lounge music (yes-the proper muzak) because I have now 17 hours of lounge music on my laptop. Well it made people happy at the pool so it was good. Had to choose the last four months which music was to be played at the pool in one hotel. And I would like to write about sleeping concerts. And I would like to write about Greek music and Turkish music. Or about the soon to be released new album of Susanne Sundför. But I'm going to start with an artist who has made some quite kick ass remixes!

KUNGS is some 17-years old boy from France, don't know his name becase he doesn't mention it at his SoundCloud. I did stumble on this track from him and loaded the free songs via his FB-page. Check the remix of "Jammin" by Bob Marley, it will make you smile, it has such a nice summer vibe in it! I am quite sure we will hear more about this boy later!

Bob Marley - "Jammin" (KUNGS remix)

KUNGS - "Candy" feat. Jasmine Thompson

The Chancellors - "Cut Soul" (Kungs remix)

You can check rest of his stuff here:
Or get the free song downloads by liking his FB-page: KUNGS FB-page

Couple days ago I read about sleep concerts, yes you heard right. To these concerts you take your sleeping bag with you. They last trough the whole night. I have not tried it but would love to go to one. The father behind the idea is Robert Rich, a sound designer and an ambient artist from California.  He has released the respectful amount of 30 albums.  ...and as I like good ambient music I'm quite interested about this project.

Here's shortly said what a sleeping concert actually is:

"Robert Rich is an influential ambient musician and sound designer based in California, who began releasing ambient music in the 1980s. He is perhaps best known for developing the concept of “Sleep Concerts”, special events lasting throughout the night which aimed to influence REM cycle sleep with auditory stimulus. Audiences usually slept through the events in sleeping bags, listening to music in affected states of consciousness, waking up to a piano solo and tea served by Rich. His 7-hour album “Somnium” was released in 2001, attempting to recreate the sleep concert environment."

Roberts homepage:

Here is the full version of "Somnium" I have not yet listened it trough, but it is very calming.
Gute Nacht!

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