Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Good house

I'm always very picky about what kind of house music I like, because I have heard so much shit house music. But well don't you worry, I will introduce some really good house music to you in this post! Come along!

Kassem Mosse, this guy has a cool name and besides that great music too! His music is described as groovy deep house and very groovy it is! The album "Workshop 19" is full of great beats. I wrote down which tracks to check out but ended up having 2/3 of the songs in the list which is a good sign. I'll anyhow put here the list with short descriptions: "A3"  is bit slower and stylish, "B1" has killer beats, "B3"  has a beginning which reminds somehow Planningtorock, "C1" is beatless with some caribian vibe in it, chill, "C2" has crazy cool vibes in the beginning but then turns into strange mishmash, "D1" has a great dripply beat!

Kassem Mosse - "Untitled"


Check the album "Workshop 19" here:

Dutch E Germ is a Dutch artist aka. Tim De Wit. His mixtape "IN.RAK.DUST" is incredibly diverse and I think the best word to describe the sounds would be space hip hop. Some of the songs have quite Eastern style to them. Check out the whole album but if you don't have the time check at least "Elephant"  which is bit more ambient but then oho watch out.., "Nami Nami" (fun part is that nami means candy in Finnish) , "40oz Angel", "Mint Nose" and "Rani". Maybe bit hard music at first listening but awesome when you get into it.

Check his soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dutch-e-germ-the-dutchess


He has some songs that are labeled under "sickness" HA!

If you search house music in Youtube you get usually tons of songs with photos of half naked women with headphones. Well talking about too deep decoltés this one really equals with it! From Distro the "Thug girl EP"  brings great house groove to save all the dancefloors. The two songs "Thug girl" and "Deep down" are definitely groovy, not in a slow way but higly danceable! And Distro has a songs labelled under "butch".


Atom Eye - The Otolith sessions trailer

After all the house I want to close with something totally different. Sometimes music is beautiful but at the same time hard to listen, I would say that listening trough "The Otolith sessions" from Atom Eye is a heavy experience but worth it. Album is full of spooky and cinematic sounds. Somehow I'm remembered by the same beautifull heavyness that Helios has in his music when I listen to Atom Eye but Atom Eye lingers maybe bit too long for my taste. Enjoy this beautifull video for "Prelude" by Atom Eye.

Atom Eye - "Prelude"

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