Thursday, February 20, 2014


It is a long time since I wrote here last time. I have not abandoned the blog and will not. The year changed, my laptop crashed, moved into a new place, been to concerts and club nights. Heard new good music and some bad too.

Some of the things that come first into my mind are the new or debut albums from Moby - "The Innocents" in which he is returning back into his older style but in a very good way. There were some songs from the album that definitely stuck with me since hearing for the first time, like "Perfect life" and "Lonely night" and the great vocals of Inyang Bassey.

Moby - "Perfect life"

Moby - "Lonely night"

The third album if I now remember right from Planningtorock called "All love's legal". The songs "Misogny drop dead" and "Patriachy over and out" were the first one I heard, might have a oppoturnity to go to see her gig soon. Was at one club evening where she was DJ'ing and got to say that she's good also as a dj! We wil for sure hear more from this artist!

Planningtorock - "Patriarchy over and out"

The debut album from the New Zealander Lorde "Pure heroine" became a huge thing all over. This 17-year old girl has a talent and we will for sure also hear from her later more. Her debut album is a very strong one and bringing some new fresh ideas. It's not r'n'b but it's not either just pop. And what shines trough the whole album is the great vocals, like in the big hit "Royals".

Lorde - "Royals"

Also got bit stuck with one great tune from Colleen, who's work I'm only bit familiar. On the first litening I didn't like it so much but when I found this song it was done, I love this song, how soothing it is while still being not so friendly. It was from this contortion video of Samatha Halas that I picked the song from.

Colleen - "Petit Fleur"

The XX came also with a new album "Coexist" which turned out to be great training music. I still love the guitar, bass and vocals in it but somehow i get the feeling how long this band can ride on the same wave? It doesn't take anything away from the new album but in the future I'm interested into which way they will go.

The XX - "Coexist preview"

Florence and the machine is also working on their third studio album and will be very exciting to see how it will turn out. Will they go for the more pop side or for the electronic side? We'll see!

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