Friday, April 20, 2012

The sweet post

Found this this morning! Awesomeness, summer in a song! Thank you Kompakt Records! From Vampire Weekend's Chris Baio ft. Matias Aguayo present you "Tanto" from the "Sunburn EP".

And found some quite fun song, the rhythm is different and love those small shouts trough out the song. Groovy! Aia uuu aia aia uuu uuuu! Happy song. It kind of has something from Kings of convenience, Múm  with a Mediterranean and African twist.

They have released two albums: their debut album "Vampire weekend" (2008) and latest album "Contra" (2010). It's an American band from New York and formed by Ezra KoenigRostam BatmanglijChris Tomson, and Chris Baio.

Vampire weekend - "White Sky"

They have indeed very catchy songs. Learned new things from YouTube again; horchata is a Mexican drink made​from rice and milk with a little cinnamon and lot of ice.

Vampire Weekend - "Horchata"

There's just something sweet in their songs! Love the piano and strings in this a lot, well the whole arrangement! Swwweeet!

Vampire weekend - "Taxi cab"

Isn't it great! It's my new "happy indie band" for sure! Love the structures of the songs! Lets wiggle our feet, dance and jump in the sun!

Vampire Weekend - "Diplomat's son"

Check their official page here: I have to make a second post, I want to keep this as the sweet post.

Sweet! Will make later some day also a post about skwee! It's also sweet!

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