Sunday, April 8, 2012

Perron and Chicago stuff!

Perron is a great club in Rotterdam. I find it the only granted nice place in Rotterdam when it comes to electro and techno. You have nice people and nice music! Very often on Friday or Saturday there is a free entrance before 01.00 at the Subsidie taferelen. This time it was with Jeff Moore & Jamie lie a kwie. They actually surprised me, it was the so far nicest music in Perron (of the free parties there). They have often also great visiting DJ's!

Check their webpage at: for upcoming events.


Also found some awesome stuff from the newest Bleep newsletter!
I want to present you Cornelius Ferguson AKA Traxman from Chicago. Just been listening bit his newest album "Da Mind of Traxman". Released on the great label Planet Mu. The album sounds great with cool mixing skills! Songs like "Calling all freaks", "Slip Fall", "Let there be Rockkkkk", "Going wild", "Sound filed", "The comeback 2011" and "Lifeeeee is for ever" are amazing tracks! It sounds electronics like from all over the world with some cool hip hop tunes, some asian/arabic (?) music twist and rock!

Traxman - "Slip fall"

And if you want to see Traxman working check these links. The sound quality is not so good in these videos, but you can see that he is an awesome DJ!

You can check his music at (Da mind of Traxman) or from SoundCloud. There's also a cool 90's music mixtape from him there!

Check also the compilation album "Bangs and works vol. 2 - The best of Chicago footwork". Check this quick playlist of the album. Check also the vol.1 ! It's great stuff!

RP Boo - "Total darkness"

DJ Elmoe - "Whea yo ghost at whea yo dead man"

DJ Trouble - "Mosh pit"

DJ Nate - "Ima dog"

Check also a good documentary about Chicago's juke music.

"From Jack to Juke: 25 years of ghetto house"
directed by Sonali Aggarwal

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