Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Destroyed. The newest album of Moby. 2011. Synths. Welcome them back!

He comes back to his roots with this album. Listened it now couple times trough and it's great to hear the change after "Wait for me" which was a bit disappointment to me.

The opening track "The broken places" sounds good. With bit cold sounds that go trough the whole song. The second track "Be the one" repeats trough the whole song same lines of:

'll never see what you wanted... love
I was the hell that you needed... oh
I was the one when you needed love
I was the one when you needed love"

It has also great music video.

Moby - "Be the one"

"Sevastopol" has this feeling when you are travelling somewhere. "The Low Hum" is not so usual Moby style song somehow as in where "Rockets" has all Moby trademarks on it! Long synth sounds, beautiful vocals, slow drum and bass....that's all right! Check this link to get to know more about the album: http://destroyed.moby.com/ You can send your own 2 am instagram photos to the world map! It's a lot of fun to listen the album (at the webpage) while browsing the pictures around the world.

 Dominican republic

Salt Lake city international airport

Murmansk at 2 am.

Tainan, Taiwan.

Vordingborg, Denmark

"The day" was the first song I listened from this album. Together with the music video. It's nice to hear Moby's voice back.
Moby - "The Day"

"I tried to know when to leave,
She sits in the bedroom and grieves,
There's a sequence that starts all again,
She can't get up anymore, with the pain.
The combination of these drugs has left her hopeless and lost,
She wants to count the waves,
but she can't count again.

I'll be right here,
'Till all the pain just disappears,
I don't want to escape,
'Till all this light just kills the day."

I liked already from the beginning on "Lie down in darkness". Beautiful vocals! Soul.
I don't know yet if I like "Victoria Lucas" or not. There's something I miss bit. Now it stays hanging bit in the middle. But together with the music video it goes better.

Moby - "Victoria Lucas"

"After" has catchy repetitions of "but my mind was slow". The whole song sounds just good! This some of my favorite track from the album and it has also great music video. There's also lot of remixes from this song! Like the original though the best!

Moby - "After"

"Stella Maris" the song I posted just yesterday is my favorite from the whole album. It's just purely so beautiful, eerie! I would actually like to hear this in a big church with good sound! It reminds me of the feeling what "My weakness" gave to me when I first heard it. Just simple beauty and peace.

Moby - "Stella Maris"

"The violent bear is away" mixes piano nicely with electric sounds and bass that kicks in in the middle with the drums. Would like to hear this one at a big open air festival. "Lacrimae" is a mix of XX style guitar together with Moby synths. And it's 08.05 long, I think that so many that big artists don't have the guts to put that long songs on their albums.

Check also from the deluxe version "The poison tree"! Here's a small making of video. There will be soon a remix by David Lynch.

Making "The poison tree" with Moby and Inyang Bassey

And the song! It's awesome! Inyang has very good voice for this song!

Moby feat. Inyang Bassey - "The Poison Tree"

Mhm, mhm, mhm, mhm..

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