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I had to make a own post for Exitmusic. I have watched "Passage" video now couple times. The songs is very special. Moving.

Exitmusic is a band from NYC and formed by Aleksa Palladino and Devon Church but performs with two more people; with the drummer Dru Prentiss and electronic musician Nicholas Shelestak. They have self-released album called "The decline of the west" in 2007, and one EP called "From silence" in 2011 on Secretly Canadian and will release "Passage" 22.5.2012. For more info check their webpage at

Exitmusic - "The hours"

Exitmusic - "The sea"

I found a nice interview of the band at Secretly Canadian and here's part of it:

"The New York City duo -- Aleksa Palladino and Devon Church -- doesn't care when the chill runs down your spine, they just hope their music provokes some kind of primal feeling. Church explains, "It's like what Aleksa sings at the end of 'The Sea': 'And you turn your back to life... Oh, sorrow.' We want our music to confront people in a gentle but powerful way, to make them feel something."

"To feel human again," adds Palladino. "To remind people, and even us, to let yourself be vulnerable." She says that when she's writing a song, she knows it's going well when she feels breathless, overwhelmed by what is stirring inside of her. "The songs themselves are slightly abstract, but where they're coming from emotionally is always very clear to me."

You can check the whole text here:

And here's a great live performance of Exitmusic at KEXP with the songs

The Sea 00:12
The Modern Age 04:54
The Hours 10:35
The Silence 15:00
Exitmusic - Live at KEXP

They are coming to play in Den Haag 11.5 at Walk the line festival And 20.5 at Bitterzoet in Amsterdam tickets 12,5e. Maybe see you there!

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