Friday, April 13, 2012

Mindfuck of the highest order

The 3D mapping on buildings. You can make everything crumble in a second, it's like playing with modeling clay, you can make whatever you want! Infinite options where to choose from! This post is about how amazing it can come when you combine great music with awesome visuals!


Saw just couple days a go new video clip of the forthcoming album "Ufabulum" from Squarepusher also know as Tom Jenkinson, and it blew my mind! When music and visuals meet it can come like the heaven on earth for a moment! Watch the next video in large or full screen.

Squarepusher - "Dark Steering"

And if you want to see a longer clip from his New York gig check this out! The sound quality is not so good but it's still nice. Especially the moment from 6.08 on wards must have blown the ears away if you were there! Awesome!

When Squarepusher released his album "Go Plastic" (2001) Warp held a animation competition for it and I found one of the videos. It's quite crazy, my eyes were going mixed in the middle, but it's awesome! Watch also full screen.

Squarepusher - "Exploding psychology"
Video is done by Kaspar Daugaard and Stefan Mylleager

To check out the albums from Squarepusher go here:
He has been releasing stuff already since 1995!

Another great artist who combines visuals and sound in a very very special way is the Brazilian Amon Tobin in his "ISAM" tour. Love his music even more than Squarepusher's. It's just pure magic what he does!
Check his discography here:

Amon Tobin 'ISAM' Live (Extended Trailer)

Prepare for this ear crunching song! Ha haa! It's awesome! Makes me smile and happy!

Amon Tobin - "Piece of paper"

One comment was just so awesome I have to put it here:
Wired: "ISAM's live show looks like a mindfuck of the highest order."

And Amon Tobin's answer to it: "The performance of electronic music isn't very interesting to look at, because it's generally not performance-based music. So outside of the realm of making people dance, which isn't really what this record is about, a live show presents something of a challenge."

This is so true! So often DJ's forget the performance! I think that's one thing that separates good DJ's from the bad, you have to be present! And with electronic music you have different options of presenting it as in visuals if the main goal is not in making people dance, it can still be a mind blowing experience!

Amon Tobin - 'ISAM: Live' at Moogfest 2011

One of the goals for ISAM was to make a record with instruments that physically don't exist physically, Amon Tobin told in a interview with The creators project which you can see here:

Amon Tobin - "Bedtime Stories"

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