Thursday, March 29, 2012

Where to begin?

There are so many things happening in the music scene now. New album from Susanne Sundfør: Silicone Veil, in the beginning of April the "MTV Unplugged" from Florence + The Machine live album, new concert dates all the new stuff from Berlin!

Lets begin from B. Berlin. It is one of the most amazing cities if you like electronic music! You have so many places to go, listen to great music, DJ's and dance! The people are very friendly and the atmosphere is relaxed. Mostly the entrance prices to clubs are around 6 euros and for bit bigger parties 12 euros and you can dance until the morning if you want!

First place I had the chance to visit was Tresor which I mentioned already in the older post so I'll skip it now a bit. Had to say that the place had very special feeling, felt like I was in a Max Payne game in the basement...The place is situated under the Vattenfall power plant on Köpenicker Straße 70. Upstairs they were playing bit more "calmer" music and downstairs in the basement "Tresor" which means a safe, bank vault in German, they were playing some trance, and hardcore trance so escaped from there after the first DJ upstairs. The lights and set up was anyhow cool! I put here the lineup list which was there, check also Tresor homepage:

The second place I visited was Suicide Circus. They had a normal DJ evening called Friends, it was on Thursday. But the DJ's were nice! They didn't really have a list of the lineup so can't really tell anything about the names. But it was fun, there was also a saxophonist playing together with the DJ which was a nice mix. And there was lot of space to dance which was nice too, might have been because it was Thursday. Heard some James Blake mixed and some other cool remixes, which names I can't remember. Nice place to visit and nice people. These pictures are from SC webpage. There was some couches next to walls where people could sit and some smaller rooms with couches. They had also nice lights and no too much of smoke. Would be fun to go here once again for a party outside! This place is at Revaler Str. 99 / Warschauer Straße (entrance).

Here's a nice videoclip from their webpage:

On the plan was to check Cassiopeia "Dance, dance, dance" but on the door they asked my ID and totally didn't expect that when the age limit is around 18 I guess. So I though fuck it, went home to pick up my ID and headed to Berghain! There was quite some queue to this place, it's a massive building bit in the middle of nowhere. Was waiting in the queue and was bit wondering when they guided some of the people away from the queue, so I was waiting curious if I would get in and juhuu got there! So do not come in high heels here but be ready to dance! They had the most amazing lineup too!

Had heard little bit about Scuba before and about Boddika so was curious how it was going to be. Was there around 01.00 and it was still bit quiet still but then it started off better! They have a huge main hall and a bar next to it, both spaces have very high ceiling, around 12 meters high so it was cool place for sound! They had very very nice light installations, only thing was that they wanted to smoke the left side of the dance floor with smoke machines. Went shortly upstairs in the beginning where another DJ played in a lot smaller place where was also a bar and some very cool small lodges where to sit.

Scuba aka Paul Rose did a cool set! He has released three albums so far on the Hotflush Recordings. "A mutual antipathy" 2008, "Triangulation" 2010 and "Personality" 2012. Some of the songs which I remember that were played were "The Hope", "Adrenalin" and "Flash Addict" which all sound amazing, especially if there's around 100 people dancing with you! Check "The Hope" from my earlier post, it has a cool music video! There was not so much space to dance which was a  pity but the music fixed it all! The most absurd thing was to notice that in the middle of the dance floor there was in one time two guys just standing in their fancy suits, drinking red wine and holding the other hand behind the back, while everybody else around was dancing and jumping up and down! The people felt mostly nice, even though there were some of these hipster people.

Scuba - "Adrenalin"

Scuba - "Flash addict"

Scuba - "So you think you're special"

Boddika I had found just couple weeks before I went to Berlin. So it was a nice to see him also live! He had awesome beats!

Boddika and Joy Orbison - "Swims"

Boddika - "Warehouse"

Boddika and Joy Orbison - "Mercy"

Boddika and Joy Orbison - "Froth"

Silkie & Quest - Live Mix Generation Radio 1 with Mary Anne Hobs

In one moment lot later they had a very nice change into slower beats! And I think it was Appleblim!

Appleblim - "Within"

Appleblim - "Fear"

Appleblim & October - "NY Fizzzzz"

Because you weren't allowed to take pictures or video I didn't have the chance to take nice photos. But found one nice video where you get the image about the space! I took also a random small video. If you want to see and hear a bit something how the space sounds like check this one, not by me, and the official site


On the last night on Sunday I decided still to head up into the city and found a very very nice party with the nicest people so far that were in the party! Golden Gate is a small small place, very cosy club. And I mean small! The dance floor was full after 40 people. But here they had almost some of the best music next to Berghain! The place is bit hidden, it doesn't have any signs or anything. It is situated under the Jannowitzbrücke train station. They had on Sunday the Concorde club which was very nice, the music changed nicely and was never too boring before the last DJ (Stefan Lange) which kinda killed it, but it was bit before 07.00 so it was fine.

The lineup was the following, not in specific order:
David Mayer (Keinemusik), Gregor Sultanow (Concorde Club Rec.), Microtune & Takter (Concorde Club Rec.) and Stefan Lange (Concorde Club Rec.). Remember that specially Microtune & Takter and Gregor Sultanow were really nice! It was nice to see actually the DJ's!

You can check here the SoundClouds of the DJ's: 

Check their live set, you can also download it!

There are still so many things to discover so I'm waiting when I will go back again or perhaps move there! Berlin is awesome!

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