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Checking out what there is in Berlin! If you know some special clubs to visit or otherwise awesome places, let me know! Did check Tresor last night. It's a quite nice place with three different floors, Globus,+4Bar and Tresor which is under the ground. Went there to check out the Bonito house club. The entrance was only 6e and the age limit 18.

The line up was this:

TRESOR: Tresor: New Faces
Primetim (Simply Techno, Mischwerktanzen)
X-t.r.e.m.e. (EKE, Amiamo Techno)
Torsten Kanzler (TK Records)

+4BAR: Twen.FM Night
Marc Schneider (Wordandsound)
Goldwill (Liebe*Detail, Wandering)
Carlos de Brito (Spex, Groove)

I really liked the set up of the space in Tresor, you have a hallway that leads with blinking lights into a cellar looking low space with some metal bars in front of the DJ booth. Even though the place opens 23.59 there's more people arriving around 01.00 and 02.00 o'clock. You have lots of blinkering lights and you will get smoked by the smoke machines. But I really liked the space in comparison to some places in Rotterdam. Even though Maassilo is great! Downstairs was owned more to techno, after listening one hour bass bouncing music I felt like moving on. Xtreme was creazily loud bass techno so run up to the safe of Mark Schneider's music. Upstairs seemed the nicest place to be. Smaller dance floor and not so much smoke! Feel like my house is now bit full for the week. But was a nice place! I think I just need something more electronic!
You can check more about Tresor here:

I have still luckily time to check some other cool places! Plan is to go to see Madame Claude, it's a smaller bar on Lubbenerstrasse. They have put everything upside down! Curious to see this place! There's live music from 21.00 onwards till close to midnight. So very good place to begin from because most of the clubs open at midnight in Berlin, what I have noticed now. Here's more info about Madame Claude:

Cassiopeia is also on the list to do! It has also a skate park next to it, that is part of the place what I understood.

Here is a short description from their webpage:

After two years of construction emerged from the empty ruinous factory halls of the former train reparation plant (R.A.W.) the CASSIOPEIA! Located in the middle of Friedrichshain with an area of more than 4.000m², there is plenty of space to relax and enjoy! By 2009, the CASSIOPEIA has already experienced more than four years of pleasure…

CASSIOPEIA is a place of joy and comfort for children, adults, families and all who don’t really want to grow up. The CASSIOPEIA has something to offer everyone and attracts people from all over the world!

While some enjoy their refreshing beer in the summer garden watching others climb onto the climbing tower ‘Kegel’, the fans of skateboarding and BMX are doing their tricks in the ‘Skatehalle Berlin’ (1600 m² ramp area including Germany’s biggest indoor halfpipe).
For those who prefer life at night visit one of the many live shows and parties in CASSIOPEIA’s club area and indulge in the movies shown in the open-air movie theater ‘FreiluftkinoINSEL’ in summer.

Plan is to go to check out the DANCE-DANCE-DANCE party. I like how they have different floors so then you are not stuck with one band that you don't like! Exited about this place too! The line up is following:

DJs: Illy Vanilly
90s TrashPopRaveRap

DJs: Geroe & Special Guests
Hip Hop, Funk, Breaks

3rd Floor
DJs: Boogie Brothers
Club Classics, Disco

Check the Cassiopeia site here:
And their MySpace site:

And after the concert of Flo I will head up here! Really exited about this one! Watergate. You can find this place at Falckensteinstraat 49. Check their homepage here:

Watergate Nacht

Kollektiv Turmstrasse LIVE [Connaisseur]Metro [Watergate]Marcus Meinhardt [Upon You]

Red Robin [Watergate]
Sven von Thülen [Watergate]
Philipp Blecha [Pratersauna]

Kollektiv Turmstrasse sounds like a very cool thing after Flo, she has something bit same as Flo, it's the electro version of her a bit. They have a very beautiful music video! They will be live so can't wait how it is!

Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Kontakt

There's also going to be Metro which you can check here:

Marcus Meinhardt I'm also curious about. You can chen his MySpace here:

From Red Robin I coudn't find much. But check the page of Bar25 to know more You can check his mix from SoundCloud:

There's also Sven Von Thülen
You can check info about him here:

And also Philipp Blecha. Interested how this one will be too. Check his MySpace here:

Will write more about everyhting when I'll have visited these places! Send me tips if you know some nice places! Tschüss!

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