Thursday, March 15, 2012


Julia Holter is from LA, USA. I found her trough this song. It has some beautiful vocals like in 4.18. Check her homepage here:

Julia Holter - "Marienbad"

Princess Chelsea

Princess Chelsea is a great project of Chelsea Nikkel, from New Zealand. You can buy her music from here:

Princess Chelsea - "The Cigarette Duet"

Princess Chelsea - "Ice Reign"

Princess Chelsea - "And I Love Her"

Princess Chelsea - "Machines of Loving Grace"

Listen her debut album "Lil' Golden Book". There are some other cool artists on the same record label like Pikachunes. Check here the full list of Lil' chief records artists: Check the myspace page of Pikachunes: Buy their album here: "Pikachunes" album was released 22 November 2010.

Pikachunes - "Just A Boy"

Check this song and video if you want to see Pikachu doing flick flacks in New York.
You ever felt like picking up a Pikachu suit and go dancing to the city?

Pikachunes - "Nervous"

Shout it out, shout it out, shout it out!

Pikachunes - "Shout it out"

And something else from the great French fries.

French fries - "What to do 2011"

This video is not official, if you want to find the info about it go to

French fries - "Yo Vogue"

Hyetal - "Like Silver"

Vodelpark is a band from the UK.

Vondelpark - "HipBone"

And because of my flash player is crashing all the time. I'll end the post here and put some more maybe later!

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