Monday, August 19, 2013

Sofia Jannok

I once long time ago wrote something shortly about Sofia Jannok, but gonna write now a bit longer post about her, because she is quite amazing artist. Sofia Jannok is a Swedish Sami person. Sami people are the indigenous people of North Scandinavia who live in Norway, Sweden and Finland. Sami people have their own language and different dialects, own flag and own governing system, but have the currency of the country they live in and speak often also the language of the country they live in. Sami people have been opressed for very long time, though they were the first being in these countries. Nowadays they have big problems when big mining companies, often foreign ones, are buying their land. That messes up everything, because reindeer herding is important income for the sami people.

You can read bit more about Sami people here:

Sofia Jannok is also active to get the message about the situation of Sami people out to other people. I watched a good TED talk of her here:

A new album came this year from Jannok and it's called Áhpi. I have been listening it already so many times, but still love it. The songs are bit meditative sometimes. The music brings you really into the North and you can feel the same feeling when you are outside and are surrounded by a lot of snow. It is also nice that almost all the songs are in Sami language.

You can find the album in Spotify but there are only couple songs from the album in youtube or in internet somewhere else. I found this one from youtube.

Sofia Jannok and Kristian Anttila - "Golmma almmi baján"

Sofia Jannok - "Viellja Jearrá"

Sofia Jannok - "Áphi (Wide as oceans)"

Check her webpage here:
You can also download the lyrics for the songs at her webpage!

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