Friday, August 2, 2013

Sometimes you have to wait long for something good

Dreamboat crusaderz - photo from

After two months of silence I found something really great. In the form of Dreamboat Crusaderz. Behind the name is artist Jesse Gold from USA. I randomly ended up to listen her music and was immediately hooked! Got the chance to see her gig live in Waterloo in Berlin. After listening her two albums "Convent music" (2001) and "My bed the jagged cliffs" (2013) I was mesmerized by her voice. Gold has amazingly strong voice and can sing extremely well even the highest highest notes.

She has some songs that feel very meditative, like wondering in your day dreams and then back again into more disco sounds. Looping the voice creates this dream like state where the spectators want to stay softly wrapped in. After listening the songs in internet I had high expectations for the gig. But Dreamboat Crusaderz is even better live! The voice of Gold just takes over everything in the space. The concert was in a small place so her voice didn't get into its full rights. And in some points there was problems with the microphone. Gold should have a concert in a church like space where the sound would come to its rights! The looped voice would stay echoing from the cold walls. I hadn't heard for a very long time anything even close like this. Gold's music is a fine mix of electronic sounds and almost opera like singing. Only band that came close by to in my head was Planningtorock, which is still totally different but has the same playfulness.

I also liked a lot how Gold was able to play with her voice and not staying only behind the table and decks. She actually took the audience with her. It's music where you don't dear to clap in between to brake the atmosphere what it has created.

I happily bought her newest album "My bed the jagged cliffs" and got to ask if she has sung opera before, but only got back a modest answer that she really likes opera. While I was totally sure that she must have been signing opera somewhere to master a voice like that. I think this artist will be big in the future! As in the song "I know, I know, I know, I know..."

This one is a perfect song for a sunny day. And the bandcamp site of Dreamboat Crusaderz: Also check her facebook page:

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